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Matcha ice cream

Matcha Green tea powder is perfect for home made ice cream!

Very good for the value

I find certified organic tea to be more costly, with lesser quality but this one held up its own against non-organic sencha.. This tea takes me back to more traditional sencha flavor of what natural green tea once was. There is a slight hint of grassy/earthy taste that blends well with the rest. It is milky smooth and I love it. For those others used to stronger tea, add 1 - 2 grams more as opposed to 4 grams specified in the instruction.

equilibrio perfetto

ho sempre apprezzato il kukicha, ma col tempo ho finito per preferire altri tè (sencha, shincha). in questo kukicha ho però trovato un equilibrio così perfetto fra la componente dolce dei rametti e quella fresca delle foglie verdi. questo splendido tè mi ha restituito dopo diversi anni il piacere del kukicha, oggi ho un motivo di gratitudine in più verso Ocha & Co.!


High grade matcha. Very pleased with the quality, taste and customer service. Will be ordering again!

Exceptional green tea!

Perfect for summer time, deep and delicate, this tea is very refreshing! Highly recommend.

This is the best matcha I've tried

I've tried 3 other brands, and this is the best matcha by far. I will be ordering more.


Excellent tea at a fair price. I like both this and the Gyokuro (also from Ocha and Co), so I buy both and alternate them, depending on how I feel at the time.

My Favorite Genmaicha!

The best genmaicha that i have ever tasted. I will order agian.

Organic Japanese Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea

An elegant, perfect cup of tea every morning for many years already. Love it.

A wonderful tea

I had never tried nor even heard of fukamushi tea prior to visiting ocha's website. I decided it was worth a try based on the description but wasn't expecting a tea as wonderful as this! It has a very unique flavor, very smooth yet very flavorful. I will order this tea again and again, so glad I decided to order this tea!

I'm thoroughly enjoying my tea. Thank you Ocha &Co

Most fragrant and tasty black tea in the world

I come from a country, where black tea is a very important tradition - Ukraine. We drink tea very often and I drank tea since I was 5, I think. After I developed a taste for good foods I started my search for perfect black tea. I tried different European (some English tea was OK, but most of it is terrible), then directly Ceylon, then Chinese, Turkish, then Arabic blends, setteling on the latter for the past couple of years, until I found this Japanese tea. It is just perfect (if you brew it correctly). Strong, flavourful, aromatic. I tried other Japanese black teas, but they were not as good as this one. And now it's hard to come back to Arabic teas, when I forgot to order next batch!
But I would point out two issues with this tea. First - it's damn expensive! I'm literally brewing every teapot twice, because with my family's rate of consumption - I'd be broke now otherwise :D
Second - it doesn't pair with lemon too well. In fact it's the tea to drink on it's own - so fragrant it is. I guess it's an enormous plus, but I like my tea with lemon (ukrainian tradition, you know), but I had to stop doing that. With milk it should be fine, but I don't drink tea with milk very often.

Unique profile

Great to find this organic certified. Rather grassy aroma, very nice color. Be cautious of amount used-this expands considerably. 2nd steeping still flavorful without bitterness.


The organic Matcha arrived quickly and was of excellent quality. The free shipping made it less money than ordering the same product from Amazon. Will definitely order again!

Ocha & Co. Yakushima Shincha First Harvest 2019 - 80g
First Harvest 2019 - 80g

Hi Gary and Yukari, totally love the tea, made my first pot this morning!

Great matcha

Great quality matcha for lattes

full marks

everything as advertised. prompt shipping. best value I could find for matcha online

Good for price

Imported Japanese organic green teas are pricey but Ocha & Co's teas are reasonably priced. The tea flavor per the instruction may be weak for some. Put more (2 - 4 g) tea as your taste sees fit. I like it enough to continue to order.

Love this tea. Love the toasted rice flavor with it

Best Tea

I've ordered several times. The matcha and Sencga are amazingly good. Hands down better the pricier boxed stuff you'll see at grocery stores. They ship quickly and the price is reasonable.

Get the bowl, whisk for your matcha. It'll be spectacular.


Fabulous product. Crisp clean taste, deep vibrant green color. Resealable packaging keeps it fresh while stored. Fanrastic quality and the price cant be best. I’ve been a solid ocha customer for my matcha for years. Love this stuff and love the customer service! Arigaro!

Perfect tea

Perfect green tea
Fast delivery

Great quality; great value.

High quality matcha. Notably brighter in color and less bitter than competing brands. Whisks up very well and incredibly smooth.

Dont think you'll find a better quality for the price.

Picture doesnt do it justice. Do a comparison of several varieties and you'll notice a difference.

Incredible Umami

Currently my favourite gyokuro.

Extremely rich in umami such that it smells and tastes like broth.

Ordering process was easy, and shipping was fast.

Amazing Savoury Tea

Currently my favourite sencha.

Very rich, smooth and warming tea that smells and tastes like the ocean.

Ordering process was easy, and shipping was fast.