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great tea

organic and tested for isotopes. im in!


This was my first order with Ocha, and overall I'm really impressed. My order arrived in about 1.5 weeks (seems good since its apparently coming from Japan) and the quality of the tea is superb. I'm actually about to order a second bag of kukicha and try a new type as well.

My New Favorite Matcha

I've been drinking matcha for many years and I'm so glad I discovered this brand. The Japanese Kyoto Uji Matcha has a beautiful, vibrant green color and a smooth, yet distinct taste. The price point is incredible given its quality! I enjoy the organic matcha as well, but this Kyoto Uji is an extra special treat.

My sister loves it!

She was absolutely blown away with all of them! Great price and fast shipping. Will be buying some more in the near future!

Ocha matcha

Decided to try Ocha matcha tea. The price was right. It took about a week to reach me on the east coast USA from Japan which I thought was great.
The tea is very good. A great value. I will be ordering again

Organic matcha

Very nice matcha. Perfect color, foam. Delicate taste. But ordinary matcha by Ocha& co I like more.

Excellent Green Tea!

I drink Japanese green tea every morning and have tried probably around 50 different brands and varieties over the years. This particular kabusecha is one of the most memorable and enjoyable teas that I have ever tried. I love that it's organic, loose leaf, and grown and processed in Japan. If you enjoy high-quality green tea, give this one a try!

Delightful Kabusecha

Truly a delight to drink authentic Japanese tea. Calming, very mild but flavorful. Excellent shipping to USA...timely delivery, carefully packed and sealed to preserve freshness, superior quality.

Awesome Sencha

This is hands down some of the best Sench tea I have ever had. There is nothing like a cup of first brew sencha!

Great quality

Great quality, great price!


LOVE THIS MATCHA A LOT! it's really the best

Great Gyokuro!

This Organic Gyokuro is unbeatable!

Great green tea

wonderfull taste. the best i ever had
a little trouble with the italian delivery service, but I'll order again

Matcha+Black Tea

Perfect price/quality!

Marvelous Matcha

This matcha is marvelous! Smooth finish, not bitter.

Great Sencha

This is my 3rd order and all very great. The previous two I bought were organic Fukamushicha and I found them slightly richer in taste. But the regular one is great too.

Always excellent quality

I drink this tea at the office and at home and it is always excellent. Follow the brewing instructions!

personal respnse

Because of the problems over Christmas, my tea order did not arrive but I was very impressed by the immediate response of Ocha. I now have a very special tea which came immediately after my email enquiry.

Still learning with Sencha

This tea is a discovery . Its taste teaches me that fluidity and delicacy are in harmony with strong definition. I go back to it and I learn about tea and culture.

Perfect nose and flavor

Deliciously rich and holds milk and honey perfectly. The thought of it will get you out of bed!

We were very impressed with product.

Fresh fukamushicha from Japan

Love fukamushicha from Ocha and Co. I am a Japanese living in the US. It's hard to get a fresh and good quality green tea where I live. Their packages are vacuum sealed and fresh, the tea has a deep good flavor that I am looking for.

Sencha Green Tea

My order of 2 bags of Sencha Green Tea arrived in record time, Pleasant tasting.

Overall a good value for money.

Organic Sencha

Wonderful taste.Fast delivery.

Green Tea

I ordered a variety of green teas...they were very good. The quality was noticeable.