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Excellent quality Japanese green tea

Enjoyed this selection of Japanese green tea very much. Rich, complex flavor. Good for multiple infusions.

Re-Order Review

Wonderful, light, sweet aroma. Smooth, pleasant tasting. Perfect on it's own or topped with steamed coconut milk. If craving additional sweetness, a spot of honey! My favorite Uji <3

Ein Tee für mein persönliches Kirschblütenfest

Ich bin begeistert über die Qualität der einzelnen Sorten. Ich werde weitere Sorten probieren um meine persönlichen Favoriten zu finden.

0 complaints.

I’ve tried multiple brands and they were all duds for the most part either too sweet or the quality is poor. This matcha is legit. It froths up nice, has a vibrant green tone and the taste is how matcha should taste. Delicious. I’ve found my new go to matcha now ! 👌 Also, the customer service is on point, Gary is awesome.

Lovely tea!

I have ordered Ocha sencha green tea and matcha and both are great quality! Taste lovely! Highly recommended! Will be buying again :)

Great Tea Will Order Again!

Shipping was fast and arrived on schedule, tea was great! Will definitely order from Ocha & Co again!

Good taste

I’ve tried many brands and this has a nice and smooth taste. It’s not grassy and it is even better than most tea houses

Great green tea

We love Ocha! Their teas are the best!!
Also their delivery is very prompt

Beautiful color and wonderful taste

This tea has a deep and alluring chartreuse colour, and tastes excellent. It's revitalizing and refreshing. It is the best Sencha we have tasted.

great and affordable scoop!

Gone are the days of using a bamboo spoon to get my matcha! This baby has a wonderful feel to it and craftsmanship. Worth every penny and makes me wonder how the scoop on this site is ;)
Pictured also is their Kyoto Uji Matcha (which I can't live without having every morning!)

Love and Light to you all on your matcha journey and THANK YOU OCHAANDCO! <3

Excellent flavor, freshness & purity

I am very happy with Ocha & Co. Organic Sencha. It is certified organic according to high Japanese standards and the leaves are vividly green when brewing. Its flavor is so satisfying, even when leaves are reused. All my deliveries have been prompt, the quality consistent and the price affordable. I highly recommend it.

Excellent tea, fast shipping!

Got here so quickly all the way from Japan. Tea is delicious. Had never had Kukicha and it’s delicious. Will purchase again. Would love to be able to buy some tea cups also!

Afternoon Delight

I used to ask my daughter-in-law to bring me tea every time she went back to Japan. I used it very frugally.
Now, I am able to get wonderful tea any time I want it and have as much as I want!

Nice tea, enjoying it every day since I have got it. Quickly delivery too! Thanks Gary)

Wonderful Matcha

Great taste and fast service from OCHA & Co. Will definitely order again!

Great matcha!

Really good quality for the price. Dissolves easily. Beautiful green color. Excellent customer service,and really appreciate the free shipping!

Organic Sencha

High quality sencha with grassy and slightly sweet notes. Routinely steep twice.

Excellent Sencha

Very high quality sencha. Flavor remains after steeping several times.
Thank you for providing this Japanese green tea to the USA.

The Best Matcha Ever!

I've been a matcha drinker for 3 years now and have tried many brands. Ocha and Co. organic matcha tea is the best I have ever had. I will never try any other brand again. And, the price cannot be beat. I look forward to waking up each morning so that I can make a matcha latte!

The Best Tea Ever !

I was searching for a high quality teas from Japan and finally found one. It really is perfect for everyday and amazing flavor. I will order this again.

The Best Green Tea I Have Ever Had

Started with the standard sencha. It was good. Them moved on to the deep-steamed sencha. Also good. But this one is my favorite. There is less of caffeine buzz, but you still feel very alert. Even the second steep is still quite green.


Excellent tea that is very well priced.

Great tea, great service

Ocha deep steamed sencha was a great surprise. A great green tea, very fresh, and shipped from Japan in less than one week.

Go to for green tea

After multiple trips to Japan, by now I've tried many sources for my daily brews. This is both affordable and among the best flavor I've found. They ship fast and as well as supplying at a steady pace they're great gifts for friends who have never really had the opportunity to savor the real thing!

Delicious matcha

I really liked this matcha and was thankful to find something authentic that is within my price range. I lived in Japan for a year and this matcha reminds me of cups of tea I had there. I’m still trying to perfect my whisking to get the perfect frothy cup!