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This is the second time I’ve ordered and I just can’t get enough! So great!

Great tea

Grassy, vegetal green tea. Strong enough to steep more than once. One of the best green teas I've had. I love this type of tea.

fresh; amazing taste

I lived a long time in Japan and this is authentic Japanese green tea. The taste is wonderful and is my first drink of the day each morning. Don't over heat the water and let set 1 minutes or less and you will be able to add water twice more with excellent results. Thank you Gary for sorting out the issues with the 'power' in the leaves, and your kind offer to check and see the reasons for it. Thank you for the additional packet. This tea is always fresh and delicious.

First order

Loved the tea.....will definitely order from them again.

fully satisfied

ordered first time and quite satisfied with the purchase.
I feel the taste quite well, it is so nice that I sometimes mix the remaining leaves (after drinking the liquid) into other juice and drink it too.
Very likely will order more but still want to try other teas as well from this brand, probably black one next.
Also, I liked this one more than Gyokuro, probably personal matter.
Oh forgot ... use luxury tea cap for this tea.

first time purchase - quite nice

Ordered first time this tea, quick shipping, first-time purchase discount - all this nice.
Color of tea leaves are awesomely green, but for some reason the taste is a bit wick for me(sencha seems richer).
I'm not sure may be this is supposed to be so but I'd prefer to taste the taste ))
I used for a quite short time so will come back and add more review if I feel something different.

Organic Sencha

Ocha & Co. Organic Sencha is my go-to green tea. Great quality, consistency and taste. Nothing matches it. The delivery is always reliable, where ever I have it shipped to in the US.

functional piece of art

the wisk is delicate though strong. The difference in the froth on the matcha compared to a wire wisk is so great you will be amazed!

Excellent value!

Great value for organic matcha. Definitely not as bitter as other non-ceremonial matchas. I mix with the high end ceremonial grade matcha for a great blend!

Great Matcha from Japan.

I’ve been drinking this Matcha a while now, it has a good taste, they ship quick and the communication is great.


I've been buying matcha from them since 2017 and i was never been disappointed.
This is simply the best daily-use matcha you can buy outside japan! They have also finer blends that are amazing;
Big plus: real japanese matcha at bittery-chinese-powder prices!


Wonderful matcha, both flavor and color reflect the pristine grassy flavors in this tea. Love it. It's my favorite for smoothies.


I’m very happy with the delivery speed and the quality of matcha. Great job Ocha & Co for making it available to the entire world.

I'm very happy

I'm very happy with the organic matcha. The taste is great.. Shipping to U.S. as always was pretty quick. Love the company :)

wonderful produt

This scoop is wonderful! Love it!


Taste is sweet and not too bitter!
Thank you for the quality Ocha

El mejor té del mundo

Sin duda el té de mejor calidad que he probado nunca.

Very good

Surely one of the best matcha powder i've ever tried. Excellent quality product, with fresh and smooth taste. I believe that its value for money and i am looking forward to order again.

Just as I expected

Very utilitarian. Nice quality.


I'm extremely happy with the organic matcha. The taste is rich and grassy and lacks the bitterness that lesser quality matcha powders sometimes have. I love the clean energy it gives me. Blends well with a good whisk. Truly exceptional quality for the price. Shipping to eastern U.S. was very quick too (and free!). This is the first time I've ordered from Ocha & Co., but I'll certainly be ordering again.

Always good

Good quality, good taste, excellent price, fast delivery. My mainstay everyday matcha!

Organic Fukamushicha

Our second order - we love this tea! I was in Japan in Januaryand got hooked on fukamushi green tea! This is the best of the several I tried! And thanks for your prompt shipping! We'll definitely be back for more!

Very pleased

I've been drinking 2-3 cups of loose sencha daily over the past year or so. I'd previously used a non-organic sencha from another 'high-end' brand and was very impressed with the taste (incomparable with the supermarket brands). But I decided to go organic, which the other brand didn't do, so I went hunting and found this one. Comparing the two I found that this one tasted just as good if not better. The downside is that I can't get optimal flavour after the first cup - the second is nice enough but the third is pretty bland whereas with the other brand's non-organic I could still get lots of flavour from the third cup (always with the right temperature and steeping times). I'm still giving 5 stars because this may be the compromise you make by going organic - perhaps this brand's non-organic sencha would be a fairer comparison. The price isn't cheap but all things considered (not least that quality green tea isn't cheap anywhere) it seems reasonable. From my experience a single pack should last for 7-8 weeks using one heaped teaspoon daily. Delivery of my last order to the UK only took around 10 days, so great service too. The real deal :)

Impressed newbie

I'm not a connoisseur by any stretch of the definition, but what I do know is that this is a very good quality matcha powder for what I consider to be a very reasonable price. It's got a smooth slightly bitter green (for lack of a better word) taste. Froths nicely which adds to the experience. If you are new to the matcha experience, I would certainly recommend this powder. This was my second purchase and I am set up for auto renew.


This tea is fresh and bright, with a slight natural sweetness. Good value for the quality.