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So happy

The tea is delicious. So glad I found this company


The quality of Macha is pretty fair.

Best Tea Ever

This is easily the best tea I have ever tasted. Definitely buying several more bags.

Fresh matcha, vibrant colors

I received the matcha within one week of ordering it and liked that there was free shipping. Upon opening the matcha, the color was vibrant and green. Thank you for providing such a quality product for a great price! Highly recommend! I look forward to ordering other teas from now on.

Big shot

Fantastic Matcha, though the bar has been set pretty low here in America.

Great tea

High quality green tea..sweet..amazing..

Best tea I've had

Great quality and incredible flavor. This was the first time I tried Ocha and it won't be my last. Keep up the good work!

A must to drink everyday

I have been ordering green teas from Ocha&Co for a couple of years now and can't imagine my morning without having at least a cup.
Highly recommend .
Thank you Ocha.&Co!.


Organic kabusecha

As with all the tea that I have purchased from Ocha, this kabusecha is also exceptional. It feels like I'm actually having a meal when I drink this tea, and I don't mean that in a bad way at all, the mouthfeel combined with the lingering savory flavor makes this tea quite memorable and well worth the price.

Perfect tea. Drink every day. Would like to order more.

Finest matcha I’ve ever had

I am so pleased with the quality. As I tasted the first sip, it was clear that I will never go back to other matcha. Astringent and sweet and full of vivid earth notes, I’m so glad to have discovered Ocha and co.

Lovely kukicha

I have been drinking kukicha for more than 2 decades, but have never had one as fine as this before. It has a full, sweet flavour, a beautiful aroma, and lovely pale golden green colour. Highly recommended.

Relaxing ... finally

I used to get my tea sent to me by my aunt who has since passed away. This was pretty close to what I remembered. A nice light brew with a pleasant taste. I finally had a chance to break out the tea setup I used when having tea with my mother. A great tea that brought back great memories. Be careful on the brew process to prevent it from becoming bitter.

High quality and very tasty Matcha

Have had this as Matcha tea, both straight up and in green tea blends, and also for Matcha-lattes. It also gives a very nice smooth and easy earthy flavor for smoothies. Packaging could be a bit more user-friendly for scooping out using an normal sized tea-spoon.

Just right

This tea is the real deal...I’ve been to a tea farm in Asia and this took me right back there! Even after the third or fourth cup, the spirit of the tea remains, so happy I found Ocha & Co.!!!

Fantastic matcha product

Used to make drinks and ice cream, and it has a strong and bitter taste of matcha, like it should be! Not cermonial grade, but great for other uses.


I can recommend the seller 100%, very fast uncomplicated shipping, very nice and fast communication and the organic Gyokuro has a mild and excellent taste.

Great Tea

Good quality matcha tea and love it

Awesome taste

Great bang for your buck. Definitely buying again.

Worth buying!

I was glad that I found your Matcha and gave it a try ;)

Bright Green

...and lovely taste, best brewed at low temperatures, for sweeter hints/umami taste.

My summer fix

This was my first summer with Reicha and this was a wonderful tea to have in the refrigerator--the quality is excellent. I made it on many days, and would make one quart and a second quart from re-brewing. The first quart was always exceptional and the second satisfying too:)


super great flavor, not too sweet or bitter, and it’s beautiful vibrant green as it should be (as opposed to the weird brownish color some budget matcha powders can be). not a huge fan of the packaging as it makes getting a scoop a tad difficult but after a while i just carefully emptied it into a resealable jar i already had. would definitely rather stick with that method if different packaging meant an increase in price.

Best Matcha Online.

Buy it, you won’t regret it! Generous size. Bold but not too strong in flavor. Shipping was quick. It’s perfect matcha if you need to buy some online;)

Great tasting matcha 🍵 I love Ocha & Co’s matcha

I wish I discovered your tea earlier. All your regular matcha, organic matcha & Uji Kyoto matcha are really nice.