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Philip Craig
Organic Fukamushicha

Truly my favorite tea! Highly recommend!

The Best

I am fully addicted to sencha. After years of purchasing delicious sencha from a well known tea distributor, I did the math and decided their price of $34/100g was out of my budget. I found Ocha, and ordered 3 varieties of sencha, including this Kabusecha, priced at $18-20/100g. At almost half the price it is just as good, if not better! This is true, fine, Japanese sencha, and it makes my morning every day. I get 2-3 excellent brews out of each cup. Thank you Ocha for bringing this cultural and culinary delight to the people! I am so grateful.

Aaron Taylor

What an excellent tea! You can bring out different flavors depending on strength, steeping time and small variations in temps. I brew it strong by using a bit extra tea, which brings out the nuttiness, and umami by brewing it longer at cooler temps. But not too cool. I do like a touch of bitterness to round out the flavor.

Daniel Belsky
Delicious and flavorful!

The organic Kabusecha from Ocha is absolutely delicious! I have shopped around for tea for years and have finally found a great store with very reasonable prices (trust me, I have searched for years!). Highly recommend the Kabusecha tea from Ocha - if I could give 10 stars I would!

John Lane
A Delightful Brew

This is my go to daily tea. Full of flavor and satisfying. I can't wait to try the other offerings.