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Jasmine Hurtado
The Taste Is Always Outstanding

Okay, I looove Matcha. I decided to make my own cups of matcha when I started receiving milky matcha lattes at Starbucks. I didn’t really get that deep, what I call, seaweed flavor, that I LOVE. This matcha serrrves. It’s kind of pricey but as a matcha addict I kind of think it’s worth it. Especially since I can make it at home before I begin my classes or before I enter for work. I get a lot of energy. Sometimes I get an upset stomach when I don’t eat something with it (it’s pretty strong). But it’s so yummy. I froth mine with a frothed and it’s the best thing ever. The quality is amazing and the matcha is dark green, not milky/white green. It has a strong scent and the bag can last a while if you use the amount recommended on the package. I always buy two packages when I get my paycheck though, so I can be stocked. It’s an investment for the soul lol.

Great matcha for the price!

I use ~2 tsp of this to make my matcha latte every day. the colour of the matcha is bright green and the flavour is fantastic!

Andrea Fata
Great Matcha

Great experience with this matcha. Smooth with slightly nutty/sweet vibe. The green hue made the experience all the more pleasant and inspiring. Highly recommend!

Good budget matcha

A little more bitter than more expensive matcha, but high quality for the price. I mostly drink it plain, whisked in 170 degree water but also makes a great matcha latte.

Rc Jaeger
Best matcha

It isn’t morning without Ocha tea. I love every type of tea I’ve tried.