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Customer Reviews

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George Kassabov
Best Green Teas I've ever had

A like all the varieties sold by Ocha. Great taste and not your stale bagged/sached green tea ;)

Like it

While the regular Sencha is my favorite, I really like this tea too. I also find it more forgiving than the regular sencha when it comes to brewing parameters. This has a milder taste than than the regular sencha but it's still delicious

Caitlin Corbett
Fabulous Tea

Good grief, this tea is so yummy. I've always loved sencha but I've recently learned that there are different types so I'm just starting to learn the names of these types. I couldn't remember if Fukamushi was one of the types I liked so I just bought one pack. Guess who's going to be ordering more. This is so rich and flavorful. Just what I adore in a sencha.

Zoe Zawalick
Good daily tea

Nice quality uniform flavor and lasts through multiple brewings. Not a premium tea with high flavor notes but rather a consistent, good quality Japanese green tea.

Nathan Svacina
Fukamushi Sencha

An absolutely delicious sencha that has a nice deep green aroma and smooth taste. Super fast shipping as well! I can’t get enough of the stuff!