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Samantha Ivanic
Organic Kukicha

This is without a doubt the best tea I have tasted so far but I can't wait to try other ones from this amazing company

Laura Allen
The best tasting tea!

The organic Japanese Genmai and Matcha green tea with brown rice is delicious! My aunt from Japan used to send us tea every year until she passed away. Ocha & Co. is the only place I buy my Genmai and Marcha green tea with brown rice from. It tastes exactly like I remember. It’s nutty, roasted brown rice flavor is perfect with the taste and aroma of this fine green tea.

Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Wonderful, flavorful, tea

Ever since we visited Japan, pre-pandemic, I have sought tea comparable to the nutty green tea we had all over the country. While it was easy to find Hojicha green tea or Genmai Matcha green tea with brown rice, the taste was bland or a bit bitter no matter how careful I was in brewing. These two teas from Ochoa and Co bring me joy and I can return to my not-very-careful brewing and get a deeply satisfying cup of tea as I work or read.

Chris S.
Genmai Matcha

I've been drinking green tea for over 20 years, and I must say that this particular Genmai Matcha is hands down my favorite of all time!

Beth R
Stunning Teas!

I am obsessed with this Genmai Matcha. So fresh and such a perfect pairing of roasted rice and green tea. I’ve tried other brands and this is the best. It’s my new go-to morning cup!