Ocha & Co. Organic Single Cultivar Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder


Our unblended single cultivar organic matcha has been specially grown with Matcha in mind. This limited small batch production reflects the variations in terroir, climate and season. Matcha grown this way differ from the more usual larger scale production where a variety of Matchas are blended to control the quality.

Deep green in colour - soft and mild with naturally balanced sweetness and umami.

  • 30g
  • 100% Gokou cultivar
  • JAS / ECOCERT Organic Certification
  • Tin
  • Traditionally stone milled
  • Freshly prepared and shipped in small batches to ensure freshness
  • Additional, all of our teas are blended by the winner of the Japanese Tea Olympics an annual event held in Kyoto
  • Prepared for us by the winner of the 46th Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Tea Competition (2016) - the most prestigious tea competition in Japan


Customer Reviews

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The best one I have tried so far.

I am trying matcha only for a few months now, but this one is by far the best of those I have tried so far.

Ocha Single Cultivar Matcha, Excellent!

I am not an expert on Matcha, but I have been making a bit of a study of a number of different brands. I drink it the higher quality matcha pretty thick in the traditional manner with intermittent fasting. Honestly, there are not many types that I like enough to drink straight, even some quite expensive ones. I'm sure there are people who love them, and more power to them. But I do actually like Ocha's single cultivar straight. I also use the other two grades going down the scale one step for matcha latté and the cheapest in smoothies. Each one is the best I have found for quality and value at each level. The single cultivar is *very* fresh! I noticed this immediately upon opening the airtight tin. There is an immediate scent of fresh trees, maybe even a bit of a pine like scent. It has lovely bright color and it brews up beautifully, although I do recommend a strainer. I like the flavor quite very much. Very fresh vegetal flavor with also a deeper, I assume you would say, ummami bottom flavor. It does have a bit of bitterness, but I do not consider this a negative quality at all. In fact I like it because it is clearly associated with the overall bright vegetal flavors. I do not think people would find it objectionable at all. There are other brands that are less bitter, or smoother, but they were also rather dull in flavor by comparison, and less complex. So, again, I have to say this is currently my favorite high end (and the price is definitely fair) matcha. Also, I communicated with the folks in Japan, and I have a very favorable impression of their overall operation.


i have a regular subscription of ocha & co kyoto uji matcha and was interested to try something different. With the organic single cultivar. its a good different with a slight hint of chocolate. highly recommend it. cheers

Great quality Matcha!

A Wonderful Matcha, fresh bright green with a sweet and grassy aroma, with Very little bitterness.

Amazing Product!!

I highly highly recommend this company, they have the beat product & authentic matcha.. I will only buy here forever.., 😉