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Arthur Chambers
Great tea!

Best green tea yet!

Oishii…!!! Fantastic tea..

We are first time buyers and won’t be the last. This is the best tea we have ever had. Thank you so much

Best Green Tea Ever

I was looking for a high quality Japanese Sencha green tea and I found it. This tea tastes amazing and I am now a customer for life.

Michael Perfetto
Excellent tea

The aroma of these tea leaves as I opened the bag let me know that this tea was going to be great.

Taking a moment before brewing, I enjoy the aroma of the tea leaves in the warmed-up teapot. I breathe in and enjoy a thick sweetness and feel my chest relax.

As I brew the tea, I watch as the liquid becomes saturated with a deep jade green.

I pour the brew into my cup and and take a sip. The taste is thick, sweet and umami. I continue on for two more infusions.

Excellent tea, I also love how it’s organic. Thank you Ocha.

Nana Kyeremateng
Best green tea ever

Bought this tea 2 weeks ago, I was just looking for tea that is high in ECGC and I across this tea, so I decided to give this tea a try and i am glad I did because the is very rich and it taste milky and authentic. the caffeine in it is just perfect because I don’t get the jitters I get when I drink coffee. Buy it and you won’t regret it.