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Matcha Review

Like your tea but would like to try some
Ceremonial matcha tea.


This matcha tastes, looks, and gives the feel that it is from its origin.

A Delightful Brew

This is my go to daily tea. Full of flavor and satisfying. I can't wait to try the other offerings.

Love the First Harvest Sincha

I am really enjoying the First Harvest 2022 Organic Sincha. It has a wonderful color and a smooth taste with the appropriate amount of umami. The mouth feel is very smooth. I tend to enjoy it first thing in the morning but I think it would be good at any time of the day. As with all green teas, brewing conditions can really affect the flavor so make sure you adjust to your personal taste. In English/American measurements I brew about 22 ounces of tea using three teaspoons of sincha and 175º water for 75 seconds. And if you're new to Ocha & Co, everything about this tea and all of their teas is excellent! Enjoy!

Best Matcha

This is the only Matcha I use. I have shared it with so many of my friends that think Matcha is grainy. This is super smooth. Amazing taste.


I love how it tastes and been looking for this specific tea for awhile. I am glad I came across this website.

Organic Shincha 2022

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this tea, but upon opening the packet the aroma of the fresh leaves let me know I would be pleased. Upon the first brew I realized that this was the tea to begin my morning meditation.

As I began to chant
I was greeted with sweet grass
on my breath.

This will be part of most mornings.

The best

Always the best quality tea that can be found.

Excellent tea!

I bought 4 bags of the 2022 Shincha, I relish opening my tea container first thing in the morning to smell the tea, and brew a pot to sip while I wake up. And then I relish the experience again in the afternoon! Thanks much for providing wonderful tea!

Fresh Gyokuro Green Tea

I drink a lot of green tea. I love the fact that all Ocha teas are organic so no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents go in to my body. This Gyokuro tea is very fresh, you can smell the wonderful aroma when you open the bag. It tastes pretty sweet as well. I like it so far. I bought other green tea from Ocha as well. I will try them after I finish this one. Also, I really appreciate all the help I got from their costumer service. Gary is great on answering questions. Thank you.

Best Ever Green Tea

I was looking for the greenest organic tea I could find - one that keeps its deep green color when brewed, with a mild sencha flavor. I have tried so many other teas, and this one hits the mark every time. Not only does this have the best color and taste, it is affordable. Thank you Ocha!

tea with aroma

I usually prefer tea with strong flavor, and I brought my tea from home to US. In the recent years, the logistics become an issue and I use this tea as a surrogate. it turned out to be great. With proper aroma and fresh flavor, this can be a good afternoon tea for. I hope the tea leaf is a little bit bigger or in its original form.


Extremely smooth and very tasty.

New Favorite!

I bought this tea for a Mother's Day gift. She was running out of matcha, so I thought it would be nice to try a new brand. I'm glad I did.
It's very smooth, floral, and even a little grassy. It's delicious and versatile; we like it straight with water, hot or cold lattes, and even a frost this summer.
Below is an iced matcha latte. It's made in a blender with 1 Tbs matcha, 12oz milk, 4oz water, and simple syrup to taste. We like to make a lavender syrup too.

Sencha Tea

Both the sencha tea and organic fukimachi sencha are the best sencha teas I have tasted. I look forward to my cup of tea every morning. Thank you.

Great quality hojicha

After trying this hojicha powder, I became a hojicha latte regular! I have one everyday. It's so earthy and has a nice tone.

Great matcha for the price!

I wanted matcha for everyday latte use and this is delicious with oat milk!

Great matcha for everyday use!

I use this matcha to make my matcha lattes for my boyfriend and I. I use almond milk and add a little bit of honey. It's such an enjoyable part that I've added to my everyday routine!


Ive been to Japan (I’m American) and this is the real deal. Ocha is the only kind of matcha I buy. Before I wasted money trying types via Amazon. I’ve ordered 3+ times from Ocha and each time same great quality product. They have good quality control. A convenient side effect is it seems to be an appetite suppressant for me (not the reason I drink it). After breakfast I am much less hungry throughout the whole day. Weird! I do drink a lot of matcha , utilize about 1 bag per month

Excellent crop

Each year, I await the shincha and am sad if I am not quick enough to get my hands on it. This year is stellar, with low astringency and sweet flavors. There is always the essence of a sea breeze in the delicate flavors.

Green Tea from Japan

Excellent Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Shincha First Harvest Green Tea.

Reminds me of green tea I used to have when I lived in Japan in Hiroshima area


Love this tea...nice subtle flavor and very smooth. I love the aroma of this tea.

Shincha 👍🏻👍🏻

Wonderful after taste really enjoy it
Wish it was available all the time


My first hojicha and I didn't know what to expect. I like the toasted flavor which reminds me of the toasted rice in genmaicha.


Tea is great quality, beautiful color, comforting. I like to mix it with heated milk for a matcha latte. The only trouble I have, no matter what liquid I'm using, is getting it all to dissolve. I basically whisk it with a fork in a little liquid, then add the rest of the liquid. It came in decent time, too. I'm not sure if it's the best deal out there, as matcha powder can be expensive, but I'm happy with my choice and it should last me a while!