Matcha and Teas Reviews

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Great tea!

I’ve been ordering this forever and the product has been super consistent, it made for great stocking stuffers over the holidays!

Exactly what I was looking for!

I was searching for a matcha powder to use at home for hot lattes & iced ones. It’s so easy to use with my milk frother which mixes it & warms the milk with the powder.

Best organic Japanese matcha anywhere!

I am obsessed. Cannot live without my healthy and delicious morning ritual. Amazing value and superior customer service. Ocha & Co. has me for life. Look no further for the perfect matcha. You won’t be disappointed.

Excellent quality at affordable price

I am very pleased with my first-time purchase of Ocha & Co Matcha. As a regular Matcha drinker, I have been trying a lot of different brands and it is very difficult to strike a balance between quality and affordability. I am so glad to have found Ocha & Co - the Matcha is of excellent quality, does not form clumps, and is not heavy on the wallet too! This has become my go-to Matcha brand henceforth.

Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea

I love it

I really love it ….. it really good for the body

Beyond Excellent

Ocha has a great balance of quality and accessibility for the average consumer for authentic Japanese tea. This Fukamushi Sencha is beyond excellent and a great everyday tea!

Taste great

Same taste as the more expensive brands.
But double the quantity. Will reorder again.

Amazing sencha

150-160 Fahrenheit is my sweet spot when brewing this sencha. Very mild and sweet. I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you so much ocha and co.


Kabusecha is my favorite green tea. It’s smooth and delicious. I drink it year round.

Awesome Matcha

I've tried all Ocha's organic matcha and love them all!!!

My favorite genmaicha!

I already love Ocha Matcha so I thought I would give the genmaicha matcha a try.... It's SO good! It brews up a beautiful green color and the taste of the toasted rice and matcha together is perfect. I will definitely be ordering more!

Great tea

I was very happy with this purchase!

Sencha love

This is my favorite sencha ever!

Worth it

I drink green tea every morning - usually iced. Ocha and co's is the best I've found, and it's good hot or iced. The organic sencha is my go to.

Kukicha is unique

Kukicha is unique, an unusual flavor that is worth a try and the best quality is found on ocha and co.

Great Tea

Worth every penny. Great quality.

The quality is really good. And it taste delicious.

Superior quality

Great products and professional service. Truly remarkable.

Hojicha powder

This hojicha powder is amazing. I’ve tried several other brands but this is by far the best. Incredibly smooth, balanced with a delicate yet rich flavor. I mix it with milk or soy for the perfect latte.

Amazing tea!

Absolutely the best of the best

Good quality matcha

Very flavorful and a great source of caffeine!

Good quality and price

Finding decent yet inexpensive matcha is a fucking pain and here with ocha i have found a good matcha that i can drink on its own or screw up with sugar and cream as i like and not feel like a complete chump for spending too much money on it. Fuck yeah ocha


Always consistent and always the best quality.

Great Matcha

Perfect high quality everyday matcha without breaking the bank.