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Best Matcha for Latte

I do drink this Matcha as Usucha, but this matcha makes the best latte!! Much better than a ceremonial grade matcha. I highly recommend it!

My go-to matcha!

I’ve been trying different matcha and this is one of the best ones I’ve tried and my go-to!


Great matcha. Perfect in lattes.

Absolutely Delicious Tea❤️

We love Ocha&Co Genmai Matcha tea and we brew it everyday. We found it to be way better quality than from any other sources and we always stick with THE BEST.
Keep making it & never stop selling it!

Sending our warm support,
2 Happy Green Tea Lovers 4 Life

Organic Japanese Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea

This tea is fantastic! I love the vibrant green color and the fresh taste of this tea.

The best gyokuro

I travel quite a bit and have purchased various brands of gyokuro all over the world. Ocha gyokuro is the best value for money by far! I've paid double for a lesser / similar / or only slightly better product but won't again. 5 Stars. Great service, too.

Delicious daily dose

Superb for the price, a balanced leaf w no bitterness. Smooth and edible

Lovely Tea & Superb Customer Care

I love everything about this matcha green tea which is vacuum packed for longer freshness and delicious; a hot cup of this green tea has a smooth delicate flavor that puts me in a relaxed mood. Ocha & Co also responds quickly to resolve issues brought to their attention by customers.

Very good

My go to daily afternoon tea. This is a delicious sencha. I've made multiple orders over the last year and always delivers great quality. Follow the instructions on the bag for the quick steep. Steeps well for second cup too.


Such a nice tea! I am new to sencha and this one was very grassy. Has an almost popcorn smell while brewing. I've been drinking a small pot in the morning and it keeps me calm yet energized at work. I think it brews into a very pretty color- a sort of neon yellow green. Thank you Ocha & Co

Great company, great service

I thought it was silly but decided to pay extra for the shipping protection…REALLY glad I did! When my shipment went missing due to carrier problems, Ocha & Co sent a replacement ASAP after being alerted. Really responsive and quick to solve my issues, very very happy with Ocha & Co!

Delicious to the last drop!

I drink my organic matcha Iri genmaicha everyday. I stopped drinking coffee and every morning I look forward to my hot tea brewed just right.

Best value for quality

I dare you to try finding better matcha for a better price… I’m convinced it would be impossible. Organic Matcha here tastes better than some “ceremonial” grades I’ve tested. It’s hard to see in the picture due to the dark colored cup, but the shade is also very green and vibrant. After years of looking for an affordable but high quality / tasty brand, I’m never going back! Also don’t buy from Amazon because I want Ocha to make enough money to keep prices down plz and thank you

Fabulous matcha

The color of this tea is so beautiful. And the quality is amazing. I look forward to my cup of matcha each morning!

Best Sencha!

I drink the Oranic Sencha every day and the Organic Japanese Fukamushi Sencha occasionally. I love them both, The teas are delicious, delicate, refined and the best on the market.. They are great for breakfast or after a meal. Enjoy!

Really good green tea

Love it!

Kukicha tea

I love to drink this tea in evening because it’s smooth to drink and just sipping the tea in front of the fire. And not inter fear with my sleep. I just wondering Kukicha tea come in tea bags that I can drink when I am traveling.

Great Matcha

I love the matcha. It is very smooth and full of flavor.

It makes me feel alert and yet calm.

Tastes a bit more earthy than chocolatey (which another vendor's resembled) - which I assume is a more accurate taste of hochija when I get it unsweetened at coffeeshops. I saw the note prior about brewing temps leading to bitterness so trying to be more mindful of that. All in all, a great value for the size.

smooth and flavorful

I'm pretty new to making matcha at home and found this tea even better than what I've ordered at the local coffee shops. It's smooth and flavorful and although I enjoy my matcha lattes the most with a little honey or maple syrup, it really doesn't need it! And it's helped me kick my mid-day coffee habit. Now that I've gone through my first bag, I'll definitely be making another purchase.

Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea
Jeffrey/colloquium gallery, chicagoland

Excellent aroma & flavor (before, during,& after) - I lived many years in Japan, this tea is clearly crafted with great care, and already I have my parents drinking too, they were drinking some blended green tea bags before so now they taste the difference for sure, it's the best, the real thing.
I am trying all of them, very happy so far with everything about Ocha &Co😃

We love to code brew this tea !

I kn0w there is another tea designed for cold brew but so far this is my favorite. I have been purchasing this tea from Ocha&Co for the past 3 summers always loved the taste of this brew from the fridge !

Organic Sencha

The organic Sencha is my favorite tea. Very smooth without any bitterness at all. The order arrived very quickly.

Just Right

For the green tea lover, this Genmai & Matcha tea is a match made in heaven. The rice adds a subtle heartiness to the delicate, vegetal cloudiness of the matcha for my perfect combo

Always Great!

Love this tea. Okay, I love ALL of the organic Ocha teas. So consistently excellent!