Matcha and Teas Reviews

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A beautiful Matcha Grassy Smell

I love this Matcha! It was my first time ordering from Ocha! And I'm very pleased. A rich grassy smell and earthy taste! With some Oakmilk it made a wonder Latte!

Mmmm matcha

I love this matcha! It's way better than the stuff I find in the store. It's creamy and really green, and it doesn't clump quite like store-bought. I just finished my second bag, and am planning on ordering multiple bags to have on hand! This is the winner for me 🥰

Never disappoints

Ocha & co is always my go to for matcha and you can't go wrong, but I do think the organic matcha is a better value.

Fantastic tea

Just a great tasting tea - light and refreshing. Second steep is still tasty and strong. Very much recommend!

Subtle, sweet, and smooth

The Ocha kukicha is so delicate and flavorful. I like to drink kukicha sometimes because it is lower in caffeine than sencha but gives me the flavor of delicious green tea. Ocha’s kukicha preserves the buttery and earthy nature of the plant like any other brand I’ve had. I highly recommend this tea to any green tea lover.

Fabulous Tea

Good grief, this tea is so yummy. I've always loved sencha but I've recently learned that there are different types so I'm just starting to learn the names of these types. I couldn't remember if Fukamushi was one of the types I liked so I just bought one pack. Guess who's going to be ordering more. This is so rich and flavorful. Just what I adore in a sencha.

Excellent Matcha at an Amazing Price Point

This is fantastic matcha for everyday drinking if you're not looking to break the bank. I got Tenzo matcha the month before I tried this, but it is twice as expensive and tastes the same from what I can tell. I was mostly worried it would be bitter or dull, but this matcha is vibrant and delicious. Highly recommend.

Organic Sencha Tea - High Quality - Nice Green Color

I have been searching for a good Sencha tea and I think I finally found it. This organic Sencha is such a nice flavor and not bitter

Great Tea

I started drinking Green tea about 3 months ago when i got diagnosed with gastritis and it has done wonders for . I also add manuka honey to my green tea instead of sugar and its better for me and the manuka honey has great benefits.


So light and delicious!

Good daily tea

Nice quality uniform flavor and lasts through multiple brewings. Not a premium tea with high flavor notes but rather a consistent, good quality Japanese green tea.

High Quality Tea

Love the quality of every tea we’ve ordered. Shipping is fast and customer service is great.

Fantastic Teas

Organic kabusecha and organic fukamushica are truly outstanding! Best Japanese greens I’ve had, and I’ve tried a great many through the years. Excellent price for the quality, and also love that they’re organic.

Fukamushi Sencha

An absolutely delicious sencha that has a nice deep green aroma and smooth taste. Super fast shipping as well! I can’t get enough of the stuff!

morning tea

I really like this tea. It always smells so good when I open the tea tin I keep it in.

Excellent tasting and so fresh!

This is the best green I've experienced! So fresh and precious that I savor this tea and enjoy lingering over it by using my best tea cup. Nothing fancy, just very special tea to enjoy and savor the moment.

My Favorite Gyokoro

I am so happy to share my enjoyment of Ocha Green Tea. I enjoy a cup of matcha every morning, and gyokoro every afternoon. I discovered Ocha & Co in early 2021. I have been drinking green tea for almost 20 years. Until 2021, I bought tea from green tea from one competitor, for 19 years. I am so thankful to find Ocha tea. Ocha gyokoro is just the right sweetness. The leaves are so fine and fresh. I am an expert at making gyokoro. I learned from a master and have evolved my technique to make the most beautiful green color and delicious tasting tea. My body loves your gyokoro tea. I am also thankful you make organic gyokoro, which is unusual. I am now a loyal Ocha customer and will be for the rest of my life. craig

Ocha Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Thank you very much for the Matcha Green Tea Powder that I received! This Matcha Powder is the best Matcha I have tasted thus far, and I’ve tried many. It is very smooth and mixes up very well. I have two cups every morning, only 1/2 teaspoon of Matcha and I mix it with my Stevia sweetener. That is all I do to my morning Matcha and it is amazing! I feel good after two cups all day long! Thank you again for the best Matcha I have had. I will be ordering more real soon!

Amazing Matcha!

We planned a trip a few months ago and realized less than 2 weeks away from departure that our usual delivery wouldn’t arrive in time for the trip. I immediately placed an order about 7 days before departure and was delighted to have it arrive 2 days before we left. Our Matcha Mornings are a wonderful way to start the day, and were even better on vacation!

Amazing taste and smell!!

Always my favorite

While I am not a matcha connoisseur, I have tried a lot of different brands and prices. This matcha is my favorite. It's bold (perhaps because of the roasting) and smooth with no bitterness. I drink hot usucha.

Great everyday tea

I brew this tea every morning for my travel cup for work. Very refreshing, and the taste holds until I finish my travel cup before lunch time.


this is the best matcha ive ever tried! i love it so much. i will definitely buy again :) 10/10

Best value matcha hands down

Truly so reliably delicious every time- no better Matcha straight from the source!

Organic Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea