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Taste good, but prefer organic cuz less bitter

Wonderful, flavorful, tea

Ever since we visited Japan, pre-pandemic, I have sought tea comparable to the nutty green tea we had all over the country. While it was easy to find Hojicha green tea or Genmai Matcha green tea with brown rice, the taste was bland or a bit bitter no matter how careful I was in brewing. These two teas from Ochoa and Co bring me joy and I can return to my not-very-careful brewing and get a deeply satisfying cup of tea as I work or read.

An authentic taste of tea! Enjoy every morning.

I'm a newbee with Matcha tea, but with the web's help perfected this delicious drink! I started out with coconut milk, tried almond milk, and just tried oat milk (all the "Bliss" brand. The oat milk is my fav...really enjoying this yummy tea and looking to order again ASAP!

Organic Fukamushicha

Truly my favorite tea! Highly recommend!

Genmai Matcha

I've been drinking green tea for over 20 years, and I must say that this particular Genmai Matcha is hands down my favorite of all time!


Wish I could buy this matcha in a 1000g bag – it's really fantastic, and a great value for the price. Once I tried this matcha, I just can't quit it. I don't think I'm going to be buying another brand again.

Tra lover

Very good quality sencha.


A delightful matcha, bright and earthy. Quality service and fast shipment.

Sencha Tea - Excellent Quilty & Great Service

I’ve been working with Ocha & co for almost 2 years now and it have extremely positive experience for every aspect - Product quality, service quality, Freshness, and many more.

Highly recommend

Tea creates the space

Life is demanding, but tea and the time we take for it ensures that we don't forget ourselves. I love this tea and I'll definitely keep it in stock!

Love it

Now I can make matcha latte by myself in my style
Oh, thank you

Best 🍵 Matcha out there!!!

I’ve tried many different brands and types of matcha. I’ve had very expensive matcha and some very inexpensive. The Kyoto Uji Matcha that I got from Ochoa & Co. is my favorite by far. It’s an amazing price point and I will be getting my matcha here from now on!!

High Quality Sencha

This is my first time buying Japanese loose leaf green tea online, so I can't compare it with similar brands. But comparing to most store bought Sencha bags or sachets i've had, it's leagues above in flavor and aroma, and fresher than I've ever seen tea. Definitely the best i've tasted!

Very good tea

Very good organic matcha at a great price!

Really yummy

The best matcha powder I’ve ever tried

Green Tea Matcha

The best brand I have tried and will be back for more for sure.
Love the flavor on a latte, as it’s the way I prepare it.

organic gyokoru

First I liked the vacuum seal. There are more leaves than powder, unlike many other brands. And the take is very good. I will purchase more, thank you for your product.

Love the flavor and quality!

Love this matcha! You definitely taste the difference between this high quality matcha and some others I've tried in the past. It has such a great flavor!!

Best Green Tea

This company provides the best green tea I’ve ever had. Their tea comes from across the sea and it’s still fresher than what I can get here in the U.S. thanks to the tea quality and their vacuum seal. And it’s organic! I definitely don’t want to be drinking pesticides, and I don’t have to worry about that with this company. I hope they never go out of business.

Green Tea Matcha Mochi

Your Matcha Powder gives our mochi recipe the best taste ever. We used quite a few of other matcha powder for our mochi recipe but your product delivers the intense and delicious flavor we were always trying to look for! Since our recipe is from our grandparents from Japan we had to make a number of adjustments. Thank you for allowing us to purchase your product. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.

Outstanding quality

The quality is legit and taste great

The Best

I am fully addicted to sencha. After years of purchasing delicious sencha from a well known tea distributor, I did the math and decided their price of $34/100g was out of my budget. I found Ocha, and ordered 3 varieties of sencha, including this Kabusecha, priced at $18-20/100g. At almost half the price it is just as good, if not better! This is true, fine, Japanese sencha, and it makes my morning every day. I get 2-3 excellent brews out of each cup. Thank you Ocha for bringing this cultural and culinary delight to the people! I am so grateful.

Stunning Teas!

I am obsessed with this Genmai Matcha. So fresh and such a perfect pairing of roasted rice and green tea. I’ve tried other brands and this is the best. It’s my new go-to morning cup!

What an excellent tea! You can bring out different flavors depending on strength, steeping time and small variations in temps. I brew it strong by using a bit extra tea, which brings out the nuttiness, and umami by brewing it longer at cooler temps. But not too cool. I do like a touch of bitterness to round out the flavor.