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This matcha has made me less dependent on coffee

After trying this matcha I don’t feel the insane need to have coffee anymore. I would pair this matcha everyday w blueberry and lavender syrups and it’s so smooth. I’m obsessed w matcha now


Loved and enjoyed having this high quality tea

A true green tea

I have been drinking loose leaf green tea for many years and this Sencha from Ocho is really delightful, nice and smooth but earthy and fresh enough. For me, it is great on its own but also nice with some honey and ginger. Definitely recommend, its high quality and I feel like I'm getting great polyphenols from it as well.

Smooth fukamushicha

Very smooth and drinkable, vegetal, low in astringency. One of the better teas from Ocha and Co.

Refreshing, as advertised

Very refreshing reicha and quick to brew on first steep. Nice green color from matcha. Family who doesn't always enjoy Japanese style green teas enjoyed this one!

Organic Japanese Black Tea
Friedrich Wilcox
Different, worth a try

This wakocha tastes better than it smells! The scent can be slightly offputting- slightly rubbery and marine. Once brewed (slightly lighter than instructions called for), it tastes better.


Love it to make almond milk lattes

Excellent value and great taste.

This matcha is top notch! The value is excellent for the price. It blend’s extremely well and has a real earthy, full flavor. Other brands overcompensate with clever marketing and subscriptions, but Ocha is quality at an affordable price directly from Japan. Don’t think twice.

This was a really good matcha for the price, I will be purchasing this again and again and again. It was a very vibrant green and had a delicious rich flavor. YouTube video placeholder
Green life is green tea

Matcha and Sentcha are unbelievable good ,very healthy taste beautiful color and texture, please maintain the quality


I've purchased from this brand at least three to four times and sometimes order for friends.

I'm definitely a matcha connoisseur to an extent and don't care for the brands I find around the US at the grocers because they are low quality and often contain sugar, among other things. Even at the general Asian & Japanese markets I go to, I don't care for the products they sell (even if they are imported!) because they tend to be overpriced for a very, very, small amount.

Personally, as someone familiar with Japanese culture and language, I found that there are a lot of ways to trick customers who are unfamiliar with matcha into buying certain "types" or "grades" of matcha by making the industry here very exclusive and culturally confusing when it isn't exclusive like that in the first place, even in Japan. While Ocha & Co does provide several different types of matcha, I found that the differences are clearly shown in each product's description, making the selection process easier.

The most cost effective in terms of quality and quantity has been this bag of organic matcha because I use the powder to make drinks regularly and tend to use more than people typically do since I like a stronger flavor. You can use this to cook or make any sort of drink you'd like with your matcha. You really don't need "ceremonial" grade as the marketers of many brands like to convince you.

I always come back to this brand and may give the other teas and variations of matcha a try to see how their tastes differ. For now, I have a couple of bags of this organic matcha stocked up at my house, as usual. Definitely reccomend this one if you're confused on which to get based on quantity and price!

Grassy & Umami

I'm fairly new to making matcha tea, so it might be helpful to share a few of my thoughts here:

When I first tried to make this tea, I found, to my disappointment, that it tasted bitter and astringent. I wondered, however, whether I needed to refine my technique. So, I examined my sifter, the warmth of the bowls, the bamboo whisk (now warmed up), the water temperature, the quantity of water (2 oz. is best), my method of whisking, and so on.

Here, my wife and I were very pleasantly surprised: as the days went on, we found this matcha to taste sweet (on the first note), smooth, and ultimately grassy and umami. It's quite delicious!

It's been an interesting journey--from the first time I made it until this review--and, during that time, our relationship with this tea has matured as our fondness has grown.

Delicious high quality matcha!

Absolutely hooked on this matcha! Super smooth, light, and no bitter taste. I really enjoyed this alone or with a honey and oat milk.

Delicious, Pretty, Direct-Trade, Can’t-Beat Price

I’ve always loved matcha lattes but could never achieve the same quality at home as those high-end cafés. I did some research and saw Ocha and Co. recommended on YouTube by Meredith Mao as great quality and reasonably priced. I bought my first packet and was not disappointed! I’ve finally been able to recreate the matcha lattes from matcha and coffee cafés that I love so much! The color is beautiful, and I’m very happy and in somewhat disbelief at the price. I also really try to be an ethical consumer and so was happy to see that Ocha and Co. sources its matcha using direct trade. On that front, I’d love more information about Ocha and Co.’s sourcing methods and relationships with its producers. Overall, I’m very happy!


Delicious and special Matcha! I rotate between this one, the Organic Matcha, and the Hojicha powder. Thanks for all your high quality teas :)

Excellent quality

The matcha is excellent quality. It has a smooth, but very grassy taste. I prefer a sweet tea. When I contacted customer service to inquire about which Japanese green tea that may be, the response was, “this is an impossible task, as there are 1000’s of types of Japanese green teas”. I thought that response was rude. I had hoped to be given the names of a few of the sweetest, mildest, most popular teas. I would love to find the tea that a Japanese friend served me over 50 years ago. I lost touch with her over the years. All she told me was that it was Japanese green tea. It had a mild, but flavorful taste and was naturally sweet. She served it from a tiny kettle into tiny cups. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could tell me a few of the highest quality teas that may be what I’m looking for. I thought a reputable company would have been more helpful. I had planned on being a lifelong customer. Maybe another company will be helpful and want my business.

Enjoying My Kabusecha Tea

I have tried several teas from Ocha, with sencha, gemai, and kabusecha begin my favorites. They have a clean, crisp, yet mellow taste and are perfect any time of the day.

My favorite matcha of all time

This is the only matcha I will ever want or need. It’s such a gorgeous, bright vibrant green color which is exactly how you want your matcha to be. The taste is wonderfully earthy, slightly sweet, and has some creaminess to it. It is such a delight to drink brewed with filtered water or latte style with honey and frothed milk. This matcha is also superb for baking! I made some matcha tahini blueberry cookies the other evening and they were a beautiful green color and tasted amazing. I’d give this matcha a million stars if I could.

Kyoto Uji - so smooth

This is the second matcha I’ve ordered from this company and it is well worth it. I first ordered the organic matcha and this time the Kyoto uji. The organic had a stronger flavor and stronger caffeine while the uji tastes more mellow and sweet. Super easy to make every morning and no coffee jitters, love this stuff.

My new favorite matcha

High quality matcha! I have tried several different brands, and you can tell by the color and flavor this is top notch stuff! I enjoy my matcha in oat milk latte :)

Great as always from returning customer

This is my second time purchase. This organic matcha is good as always. I will definitely come back and back because this is my favorite matcha brand now.

Great as always (returning customer)

This is my second purchase and things are consistently good. This is definitely my favorite matcha brand now.


I love it brewing is amazing in 5min I notice blast off and should I add it has you detoxification

Must-try item!

I love it. Don’t be discouraged by the price, it’s worth it. I like to make it super strong when I have a stomach discomfort.


This matcha is the best! The brand I used prior wasn’t even authentic and made me sick (migraines). It took me almost a decade to figure out that it was the matcha. Ocha and Co.’s matcha is delicious and affordable. I will only buy this brand from now on.