Matcha and Teas Reviews

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Delicious and affordable

This tea has all the elements of a premium gyokuro: savory, full bodied, just the right amount of umami. I look forward to my morning brew with such a satisfying flavor.

This is a great gyokuro. Good flavor. Very fresh. Excellent customer service.

Great taste and health benefits

I purchased this in addition to the shade grown gyokuro for the increased catechin content. I have no way of analyzing the catechin content but I can tell you this tea delivers on flavor, and I'm sure the health benefits are there as well. There is an earthy flavor and pleasant aroma associated with this tea, very mild on the first steep. It can become slightly bitter in the second infusion, but still very enjoyable. I like to use a little more leaf and brew for slightly longer, up to 1 minute the first time for a more robust cup. The color is also beautiful in the cup, much like the pictures show.

The customer service at Ocha & Co. is always top notch as well. I always get a message asking if I was pleased with the product a few days after receipt. Truly a rarity these days.

Excellent Tea

This is the first time that I tried this tea. I like very light tea so I only use half a teaspoon with a cup of 160 degrees water, about 3 oz of water at room temperature and 6 oz of boiling water. It has a very nice aroma and it's not bitter at all. I brew it for 3 minutes. This tea needs less hot water compared to Genmai Matcha.

Excellent Tea

This is the best Genmai Matcha that I have tried. It's comparable to what you get in a good Japanese restaurant. I use one teaspoon in a cup of hot water. It's ready to drink in 30 seconds. It has a very nice aroma.

Multiple Infusions

Nice smooth Sencha - but I most like that the leaves keep giving - cup after cup. Starting at 175 F, I increase the water temp successively to boiling on the third or fourth infusion. Flavor lightens but it’s still good.

First Time Trying!! Love It Love It Love It!

I absolutely love it! The taste, the color, the texture are all perfect.. Very easy to whiskand make frothy.. I have added it to my smoothies, drank it alone, added it to my coconut almond milk for breakfast.. I honestly can’t get enough of it.. I will be ordering more varieties in the near future..

Premium quality - Can't get enough

This Fukamushi has become my daily green tea, excellent deep green color and flavor profile, and a great price here direct from Ocha. Also, I can get multiple steepings (2 or 3) from one batch. While it may not have quite as pleasing of a flavor as the organic Fukamushi, the price makes it great for a daily sencha.

I thought I liked tea!

Wow, what a difference! Breaking the vacuum seal was the beginning of a whole new tea experience! The fresh fragrance rushed out to meet me, and I immediately knew that I was in for a treat! I wasn’t disappointed- the clean, mellow flavour combined with an earthy, grassy aroma made this an absolute taste treat. I look forward to this clean refreshing flavour every morning - I think it’s made me a tea snob!

Fresh and sweet flavors, rich green color, hints of asparagus

I really like this tea. It has a clean finish and no sour notes. A nice balance between the tannin and sweet flavors. I look forward to it every morning.

So yummy!

Loved this tea. Have tried several other suppliers since then and none have compared.

Green Tea Monster

Amazing tea! Got the organic matcha

Excellent Green Tea from Japan

One of the best classic green teas from Japan. Reminds me tea I used to drink when I lived in Japan. Best quality and best taste and nothing compares with it

Refreshing green tea

I have enjoyed the refreshing and uplifting nature of this Gyokuro, will definitely be adding it to my rotation going forward.

great taste and fine powder!

I'm incredibly happy with this matcha. It has a deep, grassy flavor without being bitter. Plus, the powder is very fine and whisks up smooth for a velvety latte. Can't go wrong with this price point! The bag was initially difficult to open because some of the matcha was above the tear line in the bag, and it was difficult to open without losing any matcha powder. I'd definitely recommend this!

A favorite !

Love every tea, always wonderful

We Love this Tea!

Makes a wonderful twig tea. Great quality tea, great service, fast shipping.

Japanese black -- a good variety for your mix

If you aren't expecting an assam or deep black brew, but rather an earthy alternative to the daily green, you'll enjoy this.

Green tea, brown rice n matcha

So very delicious! 🤗


Moving to subscription because I drink this every day now.

Organic Japanese Kabusecha Green Tea

Very good.

Balanced tea

This is a really good, balanced genmaicha. The rice contributes a nice, nutty flavor, and the matcha improves the flavor. Recommended for somebody looking for something different from other green teas, as the nutty flavor from the rice is prominent.

Excellent taste!

I recently got into Matcha tea and was looking for the best Matcha I could find to make at home. I found Ocha & Co and I am veryyy in love with this Matcha. It has a veryy rich grassy/sweet flavor, I have it every morning with some Almond milk and honey. Definitely would recommend to anyone that loves rich green tea.

Magical Gyokuro

This organic Gyokuro is truly magnificent. If has helped me relax at times where that is what I needed and it has energized me greatly other times. It is smooth and jade green with an aroma that makes you feel you are sitting on a boulder under the shade of an ancient cedar watching the waves of the ocean ebb and flow.

Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Fukamushicha Green Tea