Matcha and Teas Reviews

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Great Matcha

Great experience with this matcha. Smooth with slightly nutty/sweet vibe. The green hue made the experience all the more pleasant and inspiring. Highly recommend!

Good budget matcha

A little more bitter than more expensive matcha, but high quality for the price. I mostly drink it plain, whisked in 170 degree water but also makes a great matcha latte.

The best green tea!

Love this stuff! I've ordered more then I need so that I don't run out it's that good!

excellent quality

This matcha is exceptional. I am so thankful I can order it from the states!

Amazing Green Teas

The quality is the best I have tried!


A wonderful tea. I let mine steep for maybe 5 minutes and it has no harsh flavours. Just deep pure green tea. Will order again!

Great product with amazing service!

I can't remember the last time I received service as good as I did from Ocha and Co! Not only was their matcha delicious and fairly priced but I received a text a few days later to find out how I was liking their product!

Seriously, what an amazing service! Could not recommend you guys enough!

Beautiful flavor

A beautiful genmai matcha. Also really loved the delicacy of the organic kukicha.

Great Black Tea

I love this black tea and by love, I mean I’m addicted to it. It’s so smooth and not at all bitter. I drink 3-4 cups of it a day.

Yabukita Matcha

Very smooth, pleasing to the palate and a notable energy boost!

Delicious Matcha

I enjoyed this matcha, which whisks nicely and has a smooth taste.

Lovely tea

I have been drinking grean tea for two decades. Fukamushicha is the most delicious I have ever tried.
You have a new customer.

The Real Deal!!

This is a fantastic matcha! Tastes very much like the matcha I drank when living in the Kansai region of Japan and was searching specifically for an Uji matcha. It's authentic and high quality with low bitterness and good froth for drinking it the traditional way in water. I sift the matcha before whisking and never get any clumps settling at the bottom. I highly recommend this!

Awesome Green Tea

I am a green tea connoisseur. I have purchased green teas from many sellers, including directly from Japan. However, I found the green tea from Ocha comparable with the ones I buy from Japan and at a relatively lower price. I find the Organic Gykuro and Fukamuchi Sencha very pleasant with great aroma and taste.

Best matcha

It isn’t morning without Ocha tea. I love every type of tea I’ve tried.

You can taste the quality!

The earthiness of this tea is simply sensational. Great flavor every time. I usually go for senchas but kukicha is definitely worth a look.


Bought this matcha for my boyfriend and he loves it

Smooth Matcha

Fantastic matcha with a nice round smooth flavor. Great value and service!

Lovely stuff

For this price, this stuff is incredible. Great quality, very green not yellow like other affordable matcha I’ve tried. Thank you :) shipped very quickly too


I tried the Sencha for the first time and am really loving the light, earthy flavor without a hint of bitterness. I made a cup for my sister who was visiting from out of town and she loved it as well and asked how to order. We love it!

Awesome Matcha

I've had quite a few different grades of Matcha from all over Japan, even some high grade Ceremony matchas costing up to $400 an oz, and this is a really great quality product for a very reasonable price. Bright green, superior freshness, crisp and ultra flavorful.

Great selection

Love the green teas

Top of the line

Premium taste! Ordering more!

Fresh, Smokey, Alive, Flavorful

I asked my friend Yumiko if she would recommend an excellent brown rice green tea (genmai cha). She recommended Ocha & Co, so I tried it. Although it was pricier than other gen mai cha that is available in the U.S., it is absolutely, beyond a shadow of doubt worth every penny you will spend on it. When I brewed my first cup, the first delight was irridescent green color of this tea. Then the potent aroma was so gratifying when I took a wiff. The taste is fresh, green, smokey, alive, and delicious. I have been a lover of green tea for the past 40 years sinceI lived in Japan in 1979 and 1980, and this is the best genmai cha I have ever tasted. I was anxious to have my family members try this since they drink green tea for its health benefits but none of them really love it that much. So the other night when I made up a cup for each of them (following the guidlines from Ocha & Co to a tea), they all said "This is excellent, where can I get some of this tea?". I am going to make it easy for them and give it to them all as gifts.


Tastes great. Will be ordering more.