Matcha and Teas Reviews

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Best matcha

Great creamy flavor. No additives. Great service and packaged nicely! First one I’ve had to refrigerate!

Great matcha at a great price! I've tried high and low end and this is perfect.

Wonderful Bright Green Matcha

The tea has a beautiful flavor and color. It tasted very fresh. Highly recommend!

good tea

it’s rly good!

So Tasty!

I've been searching for a good matcha. This is delicious, affordable, and a strong green color.

Great Matcha

Quality matcha green tea


Nicely priced and great authentic taste!

Sencha Tea

The tea is amazing. It’s the only tea I buy now.


this tea is so yummy.. But real talk--very solid and fresh. I brew the tea a little longer than it suggests (40 seconds) I steep for about a minute, I noticed that this brings out more flavor and other properties of the tea. Great energy for green tea, calm but energizing. Quite impressive.

Exceptional Matcha

This is very good. Mildly sweet flavor with no bitterness. Brews and dissolves evenly.

Smooth and creamy coconut match latte

It is the best matcha ever. It's TRUE dark green color and smooth and creamy texture when making my latte.

no complaints!

I feel like hojicha powder is so hard to find, but this one is perfect for all of your baking and latte needs! If you have any doubts about purchasing, take this review as your green light to buy it!

great value matcha

I drink matcha daily now that I have bought this- I haven't found anything better on the market! Affordable for a student like me, but still super high quality and has a great taste (both in lattes and alone). Gives me a jitter-free energy boost in the morning. If you're hesitating to buy this matcha, don't! Go for it and try it out :)

Quick to ship and packaged well

I love ordering from Ocha & Co. I get the great teas I love and they come very quickly. You’ll be hard pressed to find better quality elsewhere.

Best price I've found on quality matcha

I've tried 5 or 6 different brands, and this is the best price to quality ratio I've found. I drink it straight, and the flavour is comparable to much more expensive matchas.

Beginner friendly

I am a huge fan of matcha and my preference is quite picky. I had received a low quality matcha as a gift and was so disappointed that I did extensive research to find something that matched the quality I was looking for at a price point that I felt reflected the value of the product. I cannot express how happy I am that I chose this specific matcha. It has a pure taste, vibrant color, and I love the origin of the company and the impression the company left on me. As an east asian woman, I refrained from purchasing matcha from culture vulture companies utilizing cheap matcha cut with other ingredients to make easy profit. It seems like this company cares about culture and the significance of matcha as more than just a drink. I feel comfortable with my choice and I will 100% repurchase when I run out!

High Quality Tea

I purchased several different green teas from Ocha & Co and all have great flavor. The Sencha and Kabusecha are my two favorites!

A nice addition to my list of green tea favorites

For years I have always ordered Gyokuro, but this time I branched out and ordered Ocha & Co. Kabusecha. I will now have this delicious tea in my tea repertoire. It has a green, woody flavor I really enjoy.

My New Favorite Matcha

I received a bag of the Kyoto Uji Matcha for Christmas and I immediately fell in love with it. Now I get a bag every month (with how much I drink, it doesn’t last me that long lol). MILES better than any other matcha I’ve tried (including many ceremonial grade options) and I am SO picky with matcha. I've been drinking it for years and tried many different brands. This one naturally has a sweetness and pairs amazingly with almond milk. Highly recommend!

Morning brew

I wake up every morning to this earthy sweet aroma steaming in my cup. I always add a touch of buckwheat honey and cinnamon. Dark amber 😋


I love this tea. The taste is great, and it’s organic and loose leaf!

Best quality matcha, side-by-side tested

We did a side-by-side test of this brand and another one, and Ocha was significantly more fragrant with a darker green color. After finishing our first batch, we decided to subscribe to get Ocha delivered every month!


This tea is fresh and delicious. Will be back for more!

Best tea I have ever had

This is not only the best green tea I ever had; it is the best tea of any type I have had. One needs so little, the tip of a tiny spoon, to make a rich refreshing drink!

Mild and delicious

I ordered the green tea and black tea and I was not disappointed the green tea was so smooth in flavor and delicious I was almost out the first two weeks. The black tea was earthy and smooth not bitter or harsh. The shipping was super fast. I will definitely be going back to get more and trying others.