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Delicious high quality tea.

Very happy with Ocha tea. Superior quality, tasty teas, at reasonable prices.

[ My complaint / concern is that there is NO FREE shipping even if you spend $300! And they don't let you buy direct from Japan anymore, and I have to pay in US dollars with quite high taxes on top of that. I know this is not Ocha's fault, and everything is getting very expensive due to inflation, but I wish there was a free shipping or local currency option.]


What is there not to like about this sencha? I love that it's both organic and affordably priced. Ocha & co. shipped the tea quickly and it was vacuumed packed for freshness. How about the flavor? It has a nice balance of umami, astringency, and bitterness that I've come to expect from sencha. It's a very refreshing tea to wake up with in the morning.

Mark Miller
Sencha. My daily routine.

To me, sencha is the standard among Japanese teas. Ocha makes the best I've found. Here is my process. In a 10 oz mug, I put a diffuser with slightly less than 1 teaspoon of tea. I pour boiling spring water over top, and steep for two minutes. That makes, for me, the perfect morning cup. I drain the diffuser and save it for a second cup in the afternoon, which will then be decaffeinated, and I steep that one for four minutes. It's a simple process and works for me. Try it!

manami miyazono
Best green tea

I have never gotten this high quality green tea in USA !
It remains me my hometown Japan.

Yu Yuan
tea with aroma

I usually prefer tea with strong flavor, and I brought my tea from home to US. In the recent years, the logistics become an issue and I use this tea as a surrogate. it turned out to be great. With proper aroma and fresh flavor, this can be a good afternoon tea for. I hope the tea leaf is a little bit bigger or in its original form.