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Always Smooth and Flavorful

My wife and I love this sencha. I like to cold brew it and keep it in the refrigerator for an easy cup in the morning.

Noriko Brandman

Very good

Erica W.
Delicious. Just what I was hoping for.

Organic Japanese green tea at a good price. It arrived in a vacuum-sealed package. Rock hard. At first I thought it was frozen (I ordered it in the wintertime), but when created a slit with my knife the air whooshed out, along with the delicious scent of green tea, and the package softened. So their tea seems to maintain its freshness and it is protected during shipping. The tea itself is delicious and seems very high-quality. I haven't personally been to Japan, so I can't endorse how it compares to the teas you can acquire there. All I can say is that I love green tea and was not disappointed with with my purchase. If you're reading this, it must mean you (or something you are shopping for) is interested in quality green tea. I'd recommend buying this. I can't imagine anybody regretting it.

My favorite sencha

I have been buying this tea for 4 years now and I love it. Periodically I try something else, but keep coming back to Ocha Sencha. It’s a perfect morning tea for me. A bit on a grassy side, when it comes to taste, but I love it. Actually, prefer it to all other Ocha’s tea. I get 2-3 infusions usually.

Elizabeth Canare
This tea is perfection!

This is the best-tasting organic green tea I've ever tasted. Will be ordering more soon.