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 How to Make Cold Brew Green Tea

How to make ice green tea


You can prepare cold brew green tea from many different kinds of Japanese tea. Just for a change why not follow the brewing instructions in the diagram above and add cold water to Sencha, Fukamushi, Hojicha or Kukicha to experience a different aroma and taste profile?

Why does cold brew green tea taste sweeter and less bitter?

The solubility of the different compounds in the tea is the reason for this.  The elements responsible for the sweetness; namely, the Amino Acids are more soluble in cold water whilst  the extremely bitter antioxidant Catechins and Caffeine are less so. That is also the reason why using really hot water straight from a kettle results in a really bitter cup of tea. 

What green tea are most suited for cold brew?

Fukamushi Sencha which is deep-steamed is most probably the best tea to use  as the leaf structure has already been broken down and requires only a really short steep time to make an excellent brew.

What Ocha & Co. tea do recommend?

We have an organic Mizudashi (水出し), "cold brewing” in English, green tea that has been especially blended for brewing with cold water.  It contains a mixture of organic Asamushi and Fukamushi Sencha along with some added organic Matcha.