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Great matcha for everyday use!

I use this matcha to make my matcha lattes for my boyfriend and I. I use almond milk and add a little bit of honey. It's such an enjoyable part that I've added to my everyday routine!


Ive been to Japan (I’m American) and this is the real deal. Ocha is the only kind of matcha I buy. Before I wasted money trying types via Amazon. I’ve ordered 3+ times from Ocha and each time same great quality product. They have good quality control. A convenient side effect is it seems to be an appetite suppressant for me (not the reason I drink it). After breakfast I am much less hungry throughout the whole day. Weird! I do drink a lot of matcha , utilize about 1 bag per month

Jenna Moore

Tea is great quality, beautiful color, comforting. I like to mix it with heated milk for a matcha latte. The only trouble I have, no matter what liquid I'm using, is getting it all to dissolve. I basically whisk it with a fork in a little liquid, then add the rest of the liquid. It came in decent time, too. I'm not sure if it's the best deal out there, as matcha powder can be expensive, but I'm happy with my choice and it should last me a while!

John Veras
high quality matcha tea, from Japan, at a great price

The tea comes sealed and particularly fresh. It has excellent flavor and a reasonable price. I will be buying my next supply from Ocha!!

Gavin Shavey
Great basic matcha

As someone who is relatively new to matcha & just wanted a good matcha latte for every morning, this matcha is great! Not bitter, but very fragrant and flavorful