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Joseph Willis
My fav green tea

Can’t get enough one of my fav of all time

Heidi Theiss
Earthy and refreshing

I love this organic shincha green. I purchase exclusively from Ocha and Co because I have not found any other tea producer that offers the same superior quality, reasonable price, and delicious taste. I love Japanese green tea and the shincha is a new one for me but a fast favorite. I order it every time I get tea from a Ocha and I hope they continue to cultivate this one. It’s very light and easy to drink, but if you steep it a little longer it’s nice and strong and robust. Great for iced tea too.

Michael R
Organic Japanese Shincha First Harvest Green Tea

Excellent quality. Fast and affordable shipping

Mark D.
Wow the finest first harvest I've tasted so far.

Wow this truly is the finest first harvest I've tasted so far, amazing!

Mark Neal
Love the First Harvest Sincha

I am really enjoying the First Harvest 2022 Organic Sincha. It has a wonderful color and a smooth taste with the appropriate amount of umami. The mouth feel is very smooth. I tend to enjoy it first thing in the morning but I think it would be good at any time of the day. As with all green teas, brewing conditions can really affect the flavor so make sure you adjust to your personal taste. In English/American measurements I brew about 22 ounces of tea using three teaspoons of sincha and 175º water for 75 seconds. And if you're new to Ocha & Co, everything about this tea and all of their teas is excellent! Enjoy!