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My hometown tea!

Born and grew up in Kyoto city, I practiced tea ceremony for 20 years. I moved to the US 30 years ago and have been missing the authentic Kyoto Matcha. Can’t believe my hometown tea is delivered to my door step here in Chicago!

Mary Sattilaro
I Love it!

I tried the Ocha regular matcha before trying the Kyoto matcha and I did not find any difference in the taste. They both taste very good but I like the regular one better as it dissolves easier in my almond milk.

Liliya Dyda
Amazing matcha

This is by far the most amazing matcha I have tried !! The color the consistency and the amazzzing taste!! Love it !!

Olivia Furlong
So good about to order backups!

Tastes amazing on its own or a in a latte with nondairy milk. Have started adding a touch of cinnamon and honey while whisking the matcha🍵

Patricia Brown
My favorite matcha

I think this is the only matcha I’ll ever drink again! (Unless I make it Japan someday). It’s smooth and balanced with a slight hint of grassiness, which I love. I’m a tea addict and have tried many different matchas, but this is my favorite. I’ve made an iced matcha latte with it which was delicious, but I prefer drinking it hot straight up. The flavor of this beautiful tea shines through all on its own!