Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Hojicha Powder
Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Hojicha Powder
Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Hojicha Powder
Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Hojicha Powder
Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Hojicha Powder
Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Hojicha Powder

Organic Japanese Hojicha Powder

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The roasted Hojicha tea powder is made from roasted Japanese green tea, harvested in Shizuoka prefecture. Sencha and kukicha green tea leaves are steamed, roasted, and then milled to create this aromatic green tea powder that is naturally sweet and smooth. Great in lattes or when making desserts.

  • 100g
  • ECOCERT Organic Certification,
  • Powder
  • Resealable pouch
  • Blended for us by the winner of the 46th Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Tea Competition (2016) the most prestigious tea competition in Japan
  • Small batches made each month to ensure long shelf-life


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mitra Khayyam

Tastes a bit more earthy than chocolatey (which another vendor's resembled) - which I assume is a more accurate taste of hochija when I get it unsweetened at coffeeshops. I saw the note prior about brewing temps leading to bitterness so trying to be more mindful of that. All in all, a great value for the size.

J. T.
Delish Hojicha powder

Recommended powder, takes just like freshly brewed hojicha leaves and much simpler without leftover leaves (that can be re-used 1-2 times). Flavor earthy and deliciously grasses. Slight caffeine amounts.

no complaints!

I feel like hojicha powder is so hard to find, but this one is perfect for all of your baking and latte needs! If you have any doubts about purchasing, take this review as your green light to buy it!

Jenney Chang
Lovely Tea

I love drinking this as an iced hojicha latte. Super smooth, roasty, and creamy. My go to relaxing drink, I always keep some on hand.

Lynn Nguyen

Got the Uji Matcha for my girlfriend and she LOVES it. Honestly not sure what "good quality" matcha really taste like, but you can definitely taste the difference compared to others. I also got the Hojicha and I love it! It's kind of hard to find good powder hojicha and not many tea/boba shops have it so I'm glad I got some. Although the uji matcha is kind of expensive for the amount, I'm sure the regular matcha is just as good.
We usually make it with some oat milk and make out own sweet foam on top. *chefs kiss*
Would definitely recommend and reorder soon!