Hojicha tea for the perfect hojicha Latte


    Making hojicha latte.

    The easiest way to make hojicha latte is with Hojicha powder (a roasted Japanese green tea) and milk. The result is a rich, nutty, toasty beverage similar in appearance to a Matcha latte. Hojicha latte can be sweetened if required with syrup such as agave, yacon, or maple syrup. We recommend using oat milk if you are looking for a substitute for regular cow's milk but soy or almond milk will also be good.  If you like your hojicha latte a little stronger just adjust the ratio of milk and hojicha powder. 

    Hojicha tea leaves can be used instead of Hojicha powder to make a hojicha latte. There are a few extra steps involved in making a hojicha latte this way this process. The hojicha tea leaves should first be brewed in hot water (see the back the of the packet for brewing instructions). Then strain the tea leaves, add the brewed tea to a pot and the milk and froth it whisk a whisk or an electric frother. Lastly, sweeten to taste if required by adding your favorite syrup to your homemade hojicha latte.

    Ocha & Co. Organic Hojicha leaf tea or Hojicha powder will both be ideal.