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Yu Yuan
tea with aroma

I usually prefer tea with strong flavor, and I brought my tea from home to US. In the recent years, the logistics become an issue and I use this tea as a surrogate. it turned out to be great. With proper aroma and fresh flavor, this can be a good afternoon tea for. I hope the tea leaf is a little bit bigger or in its original form.

Ellen Gittelsohn
Sencha Tea

Both the sencha tea and organic fukimachi sencha are the best sencha teas I have tasted. I look forward to my cup of tea every morning. Thank you.

Russell Provost
Tra for the soul

Love my Sencha Tea. I was struggling with random bouts of anxiety after drinking my cup of morning joe. I switched to Ocha's green tea and feel rejuvenated.

steven Long
Japanese Sencha

Excellent quality and taste!

Organic Japanese Sencha

This is the first time I taste this tea. I normally drink chinese tea with jasmine or lotus flower for scent. I didn't know tea can have their own unique scent as well. I love this tea. It smells sweet and fresh. The taste is much better than all the tea I had drank before. It taste delicious and it leaves a long-lasting fresh feeling in my mouth. The aroma is very sweet and nice but not too overpowering. And it still taste good even after a second and a third boil. I will definitely buy this tea again, but hope I can get it on sales.