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Lovely tea

I have been drinking grean tea for two decades. Fukamushicha is the most delicious I have ever tried.
You have a new customer.

Knew it was going to be good...

...after the first whiff on opening the packet. Has that familiar, comforting aroma that I can only describe as 'toasted'. Has become my morning go-to cup!

Impressed with Ocha & Co. and it’s Deep-Steamed Fukamushicha

My wife and I made the switch from black tea to Sencha three decades ago and never looked back. After celebrating my 80th birthday in good shape and I believe that drinking green tea religiously every morning my have something to do with it. I love Fukamushicha Deep-Steamed Sencha by Ocha & Co. for its taste and vivid green color. Ocha & Co. is a superior company. Reliable and friendly. So far, the subscription to Fukamushicha has worked like a clockwork. Once, when I made an error ordering, it was quickly fixed in the most helpful manner.

Jan Mirejovsky, Irvine, CA

Excellent tea

I tried the organic and the Fukamusicha. I have decades of Japanese greentea drinking to compare and I know year to year and region to region (and organic practices) all can change the tea. It takes a lot of dedication to create free tea and not succumb to modern corporate growing practices. Cheers for continuing. And DOUBLE CHEERS FOR DOING IT SO WELL.
You have a new customer (though I’m not a fan of the text messages or requests for video reviews). It takes time to try all the teas and not have too many open at once. You do have my business and my attention through your wonderful complex and delightful products.
The color and complexity, the fragrance, all superior across the board.

Premium quality - Can't get enough

This Fukamushi has become my daily green tea, excellent deep green color and flavor profile, and a great price here direct from Ocha. Also, I can get multiple steepings (2 or 3) from one batch. While it may not have quite as pleasing of a flavor as the organic Fukamushi, the price makes it great for a daily sencha.