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This Hojicha is My #1Love of My Life

Having a cup of this magnificent organic Hojicha tea before heading off to work is one that I look forward to every single morning simply for its calming, sensorial experience. It has subtle little lovely hints of cocoa, coffee, and toasted matcha which I love. This tea is velvety smooth to taste as well. The ritual of making this tea using the Nara Takayama chasen (AKA "The Rolls Royce of Chasens") is just delightful. I purchased this chasen and my first packet of this Hojicha powder from Amazon and fell in love with my first sip! I then went on to purchase five packets directly from Ocha & Co. Shipping was prompt, the packaging is understated yet pretty, and the items were packed super professionally. I am already looking forward to ordering more Hojicha powder from Ocha & Co, for my hubby, a big time ceremonial matcha tea lover, seems to want a cup of this tea every day as well. Sometimes, he makes a mix of equal amounts of both ceremonial matcha and this Hojicha powder in his iced latte, and he claims that "It's out of this world delicioso!"

Lena Wu
Great quality hojicha

After trying this hojicha powder, I became a hojicha latte regular! I have one everyday. It's so earthy and has a nice tone.

Courtney Patterson
My new favorite tea!

Matcha is my favorite tea but after discovering this hojicha powder it's a close second!! It has an amazing roasted flavor, I usually make an iced latte version in the afternoons when I need a little pick me up. I highly recommend!

Kiersten Morgan

The full bodied taste fills the coffee desire but it has less caffeine that doesn’t give me the speediness, crash and grumpy mood. I’m so happy to have found this tea.

Good Quality

It is thicker than some other brands on Amazon. Good hojicha powder for hojicha latte.