October 10, 2020 1 min read

How much caffeine is in Green Tea 

We get asked about caffeine in green tea on a regular basis and in particular whether we supply a caffeine-free green tea. Even though green tea has less caffeine than black coffee or black tea, it is found naturally in the leaf so all of the teas in our range contain it to a certain degree. We were interested in finding out so samples of each type were sent to the laboratory for testing.


Gyokuro   3.2
Sencha 2.7
Reicha 2.6
Kabusecha 3.0
Fukamushicha 2.4     
Kukicha 2.8
Hojicha 2.6
Black Tea 3.9
Single Cultivar Organic Matcha 3.2 
Organic Matcha 2.8
Matcha 2.9
Kyoto Uji Matcha 3.2

All the teas contain caffeine. The shade-grown green teas such as Gyokuro & Kabusecha contains the highest amount. The lowest level of caffeine is found in Hojicha which is a roasted green tea and Fukamushi which has extra steaming.