Hojicha Tea

What is Hojicha Tea?

Low caffeine Hojicha tea

It is the green tea that does not look like a green tea and the reason for that is because rather than being steamed in the early processing stage it has been roasted.  Hojicha it quite a general term for roasted green tea and can be made from the leaves and stems leftover from the production of Sencha. It is a brown color rather than the green found in regular green tea with a mild, sweet caramel flavour rather than vegetal.  Low in caffeine it is a popular afternoon or early evening drink and often the tea of choice for Japanese mothers when making tea for their children.


Customer Reviews

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Doesn’t get any better than Ocha & Co.

Thanks for offering the low caffeine teas (Hojicha & Kukicha) so I can drink more of this wonderful premium teas day or night. I like to brew a large amount so i have it ready to drink hot or cold. Pictured is the brewed Kukicha tea which was the first tea I tried from you. Every new tea I try is a new experience.

Great flavour and fresh tea leaves

I have bought Japanese green tea (gyokuro in particular) from Ocha and Co several times. I like how it comes vaccuum sealed, and the leaves are very fresh. It smells and tastes amazing. Would definitely come back here for more in the future.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Perfect matcha. I find it has some nut like taste. I drink it everyday. Highly recommended

Smooth, crisp and delicious.

This stuff is makes me happy.

Warm and Roasty

I have never tried Hojicha before and now its my favorite tea right now. Its very smoky and soothing, I've been drinking it every day