Matcha Whisk Review

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Great tea

We love this tea! We consume often and regularly refer clients as well:

Good quality organic sencha

It's fresh, fragrant, organic and affordable, which is why I love getting my tea from Ocha & Co

A Haiku for you.

Green powder good good.
Each morning a new cup filled.
Ready for wife's nagging.

Quite interesting

The powder of roasted green tea is something I've only recently heard of. I bought this to try it and I was surprised by the smoky flavor. It almost tastes like coffee. I made cookies with this hojicha powder too and they were good. It also makes nice lattes.


I so love this Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea. The richness of flavor and aroma. So fresh and... it just feels good. Clean.

Favorite matcha!

Everything about this particular matcha is amazing. The quality, color, and texture are just right. The flavor is smooth and mild which is nice and calming. Every morning, I look forward to brewing my first cup.

Great culinary matcha!

The flavor, texture, and color are very similar to what would be considered a ceremonial grade to many. I know this is supposed to be a culinary matcha but it's far beyond any culinary matcha I've ever tried. It's definitely worth getting.

Best Matcha I have found

I love this Matcha - while it isn't cheap, it certainly isn't as expensive as the others. The quality, I have found however, is superb. This is my favorite matcha hands down - I am excited to try new varieties offered by Ocha. I make my matcha will grass fed whole milk and raw honey - tastes incredible.

good quality matcha

This is my new favorite matcha, I look forward to drinking it every day now. It is very good quality and has a strong green color. It has a slight bitter and earthy flavor that I enjoy, and it tastes even better if I add brown sugar and cinnamon. My favorite way is to drink it in an iced latte.


Consistently high-quality matcha across the board: highly recommend!


High quality and delicious. This matcha makes it hard to go back to anything else.

Delicious and uplifting

Makes a balanced brew that has warm toasted and vegetal flavours without bitterness or astringent notes

I searched for better and there’s none

I probably should have written this review sooner because I’ve been ordering/drinking this tea for years. The quality and consistency are second to none. There is a clean and natural feeling that comes from this that’s difficult to describe. It’s my secret weapon and I tell everyone it’s the best green tea on earth. I hope I can continue ordering it for years to come.

Very soothing! The real deal

Love the green tea. It’s very good. The color is light yellow. Read the directions and enjoy! Hopefully ocha and co have distributors in the USA.

100 out of 10.

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Organic Japanese Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea from Ocha & Co., and it completely exceeded my expectations. It was, without a doubt, the best green tea I've ever tasted. The flavor profile was incredibly rich and complex, yet it retained a delicate balance that I've found to be rare in green teas. The freshness of the tea was apparent with each sip, and it brewed a beautiful, vibrant green color that was a joy to behold.

Not only was the tea itself of exceptional quality, but the experience with Ocha & Co. as a company was equally impressive. The purchasing process was straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy to find what I was looking for. Their commitment to organic farming practices adds an extra layer of appreciation, knowing that the product is both good for me and the environment.

I would rate my experience with Ocha & Co.'s Organic Japanese Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea a perfect 5 out of 5, or even 100 out of 10 if that were possible. It was that good. I wholeheartedly recommend this tea to anyone looking for an exceptional green tea experience. Ocha & Co. has certainly gained a loyal customer in me, and I look forward to exploring more of their offerings.

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Alexandra Reintjes
Love this tea

I always like this tea. It doesn't upset my stomach-- even though other gyokuros sometimes do. I used to buy on Amazon but it's a bit cheaper this way.

Best Matcha for Latte

I do drink this Matcha as Usucha, but this matcha makes the best latte!! Much better than a ceremonial grade matcha. I highly recommend it!

My go-to matcha!

I’ve been trying different matcha and this is one of the best ones I’ve tried and my go-to!


Great matcha. Perfect in lattes.

Absolutely Delicious Tea❤️

We love Ocha&Co Genmai Matcha tea and we brew it everyday. We found it to be way better quality than from any other sources and we always stick with THE BEST.
Keep making it & never stop selling it!

Sending our warm support,
2 Happy Green Tea Lovers 4 Life

Organic Japanese Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea

This tea is fantastic! I love the vibrant green color and the fresh taste of this tea.

The best gyokuro

I travel quite a bit and have purchased various brands of gyokuro all over the world. Ocha gyokuro is the best value for money by far! I've paid double for a lesser / similar / or only slightly better product but won't again. 5 Stars. Great service, too.

Delicious daily dose

Superb for the price, a balanced leaf w no bitterness. Smooth and edible

Lovely Tea & Superb Customer Care

I love everything about this matcha green tea which is vacuum packed for longer freshness and delicious; a hot cup of this green tea has a smooth delicate flavor that puts me in a relaxed mood. Ocha & Co also responds quickly to resolve issues brought to their attention by customers.

Very good

My go to daily afternoon tea. This is a delicious sencha. I've made multiple orders over the last year and always delivers great quality. Follow the instructions on the bag for the quick steep. Steeps well for second cup too.