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Simple and smooth

It's not a very flavorful black tea, but it's exceptionally smooth. As promised, it does lack the bitterness most black tea has, making it perfect for re-steeps. Like other commentators, I agree that the tea needs a name other than "Japanese Black Tea", but I understand if there's only one style of black tea Japan produces.

Yummy matcha

Good quality matcha, and with a great price. Really enjoy it as a special delicious yet healthy treat! Makes a good matcha latte

Afternoon Tea Time

I always look forward to my afternoon or early evening tea ritual. The Organic Hojicha is so mellow and earthy and flavorful. I love the beautiful color and aroma. The amount of caffeine is minimal, so I don't have to worry about not being able to fall asleep when it's time for bed. I've also made cold brew ice tea with it. I have a glass thermos with a strainer insert, and I put the tea in the strainer and fill it with cold water and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. It's perfect for lunch the next day.

Green tea at its best

I was previously enjoying fukamushica as my “standard” green tea. With other ocha teas in the cupboard to mix things up when I wanted different tastes. Shinca has immediately taken over for fukamushica as a smoother less bitter daily driver. Loving it

Forgiving and Refreshing

This tea if brewed with very cold water can hardly be over brewed. I left it sitting for 5 minutes once and it was still absolutely delicious. I suggest a glass steeping apparatus, the brilliant green color upon steeping is magnificent. If you are a southerner like me and you love some freezing cold, refreshing ice tea, venture off the beaten path of overly sweet black tea and take a trip down clean, crisp, refreshing green tea road.

great matcha!

great flavor & mixes well in lattes :)

I have no complaints

This is the only fukamushi I’ve tried. I can’t compare it to others but I enjoyed it.

Mild flavor

The tea is delicious, I am enjoying every cup of tea I drink every day and sometimes twice a day.
I recommend it.
Thank you

Best matcha

I start each week day with this matcha — not only does the full-bodied flavor awaken me with clarity and alertness (without the caffeine rush), the color instantly brightens my mood. Quality surpasses many I’ve tried.


The tea was what I expected. Will purchase again.


Organic Sencha Green Tea is y favourite green tea. Lovely smell and taste. Brewing nicely. Beautiful colour too, clear and tasty tea. I would recommended to a friend. I will purchase again. I was waiting for it 2 long weeks ordered from UK, but it was worth it, expensive but very delicious green tea. Highly recommended. Happy customer.

Very disappointed customer

This batch of Fukamushi organic green tea is really bad. A lots of small bits, powder than nice green tea leaves. This is my second review, maybe Ocha & co did not like my honest review? I did attached photos of my tea. Cloudy, tasteless you can not enjoy to drink it. Very expensive green tea. Should be reduced if the quality is not as described on the Ocha &co shop/website. I have mesh sieve and despite that you can see results on attached photos. Very disappointed. I was waiting for this tea 2 long weeks, ordered from UK. It was not worth the price in my opinion at all. I would not recommended to a friend, sorry Ocha. I was happy with my organic matcha and sencha but no this one. Please see attached photos how cloudy and how small those bits of this tea are.

Hello. The tea ordered was a fukamushi deep-steamed sencha. The extra steaming causes the leaf structure to break into smaller particles as shown in the picture. This is how the tea should look and is perfectly normal. It is a healthier tea which is extremely popular here in Japan. The small pieces of leaf are ingested resulting in a healthier drink. We recommend 200ml of water per brew. It look like there might be too much water / amount of tea which would result in a less intense flavour. There are brewing guidelines on the back of the packet for optimal brewing conditions.

Highly recommended matcha

If you are big fan of green matcha powder you will be definitely satisfied. Extremely nice, sweet smell of that Organic matcha green powder, taeautiful vivid green colour and froth easy, no clumping. I do like matachalatte with oat milk. I do enjoy drinking this matcha. To date best matcha I bought. I was waiting for it 2 long weeks but it was worth it. Good price. I would recommended this organic matcha to a friend.

Best Gyokuro I ever had!

Satisfying & Delicious

This harvest / vintage seemed different and stronger than previous batches, but after finding the right balance, the taste is very satisfying and delectable.
Thanks Ocha for providing these great products.

The BEST matcha I've had.

I usually drink Ocha Ceremonial Matcha. This time I included the Organic Matcha in my order.
I haven't tried it yet as I've been away.
I had a wonderful experience ordering from Ocha. The process was clean and simple,and the company kept me informed as to when the product shipped and when it was delivered. I will happily purchase again from Ocha

Hojicha powder

My girls and I finished the Hojicha matcha 100g within 1 week. It was so delicious. Will order more. Thank you.

Super tea

And very delicious… authenticly Matcha!

good matcha

taste legit & affordable

Smooth, Soothing Tea

I have tried green tea from many different companies, but Ocha is the best! Ocha's Sencha and Genmai & Matcha Green Teas are my favorites and are both smooth and soothing.

The BEST Matcha

I’ve tried several matcha powders and this is the absolute best. It tastes amazing with oat milk and a little honey. My new go-to matcha!

I love this matcha

I really was impressed with the quality and how great of a taste this matcha brand has. I love getting a bit of kick specially in the morning (no loving coffee)because I work at school with small children and not always have the energy. This matcha gives me the keep going and feel ready to start my day. Thank you!

Great tea

We love this tea! We consume often and regularly refer clients as well:

Amazing tea

Fresh, fragrant and authentic green tea straight from the source

A Haiku for you.

Green powder good good.
Each morning a new cup filled.
Ready for wife's nagging.