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The best quality I've found

This matcha beats any other matcha I've tried so far. I've tried matcha from Whole Foods and Amazon, and this one smells and tastes so much better. The quality is evident in the bright green color and taste. I drink mine with oat milk but it is also good by itself. Highly recommend!

Delicious and smooth!

Fukamushi Deep-Steamed Sencha Green Tea is a vibrant and aromatic delight. Its deep-steamed leaves release a smooth, mellow, and balanced cup with a touch of sweetness. A testament to Japanese tea craftsmanship, it offers a refreshing and enjoyable experience for green tea enthusiasts.

Love it! I drink it everyday.

Love it! I drink it everyday.


I recently ordered the Organic Kabusecha tea (along with several others). This is a lovely tea and I would recommend it highly. I am so pleased with all of the teas that I ordered. Each one had specific brewing instructions for that particular tea, which is really helpful. Most companies that I’ve used before have had the same brewing instructions for all of their green teas. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

wonderful sencha

this Japanese tea is first class, with an appealing, fresh flavor

Great - kyoto uji matcha

Bright green colour and nicely balanced taste. Noticeable caffeine amounts, offset by L-thea. Small clumping easily powdered with strainer. Blends smoothly and froths well.

Delish Hojicha powder

Recommended powder, takes just like freshly brewed hojicha leaves and much simpler without leftover leaves (that can be re-used 1-2 times). Flavor earthy and deliciously grasses. Slight caffeine amounts.

Delicious Tea

This is my second time buying this product and it is delicious as always. I usually drink this iced since where I live is usually always hot and it's always wonderful to have a nice glass of ice matcha green tea as a special treat. I really hope they don't increase in price as I would probably be able to buy this product less frequently. I think next I'll be trying to experiment of how to use this powder in different recipes but I know I'm really looking forward to making matcha brownies!

My new favorite tea high quality product and company

Really amazing; first time I try this
I usually drink coffee but love tea and went off coffee few weeks ago (which I still can’t believe I was able to do!)
Somehow this gets me the right energy to start the morning even it has little to no caffeine and it tastes great - the company is exceptional I got the tea delivered within two days and in very nicely vacuumed packaging
Thanks so much

Perfect Green Tea

This is my go-to green tea. I make a pot of this every morning during the week and sip on it while reading emails or prepping for meetings later in the day. Perfect amount of caffeine to help me wake up without feeling jittery or making me crash later. The flavor profile is well-balanced, grassy without being astringent so long as you don't over-steep it or make the water too hot (I find 175* F for 1 minute is perfect). Highly recommended.

Really great matcha for the price

This is my..third bag?? I really like it. I did try the organic one and there was no difference. This is definitely on the lighter side compared to the matcha that come in tins. I think its a great matcha for the price. The color is light green and doesn't produce a yellow or brownish color when mixed with milk, which means its high quality.

Really smooth, less grassy than the other one

I think I prefer this one because the flavor is less grassy and is more of a..lighter flavor. This brand has the best quality for the price that I have tried so far.
The shipping was fast (I'm in USA). Will order again.

Wonderful Daily Matcha

A wonderful mid grade matcha, though to be honest I wouldn’t be able to distinguish it from ceremonial grade. My bag has lasted for a month and a half of daily matcha which makes the price extra reasonable. I will be ordering on subscription now!

New to caffeine

Never liked coffee bc it would make me jittery while still feeling tired. This feels more like wind in my sails kind of energy. Like it a lot and will continue buying


Best matcha I’ve tried! It tastes perfect and balanced well with sweeteners. Will continue purchasing!

The Best

Best matcha for the price anywhere! I love this matcha-- the quality is good enough to drink straight. It's bright, vegetal, and fresh. Equally good in a matcha latte, and because of the reasonable price I don't need to get 2 different grades of matcha for drinking straight and for lattes. Absolutely delightful!

High quality loose leaf green tea from Japan!

This Gyokuro is my favorite of the varieties Ocha sells. It is very savory and provides a great boost of energy as well as mental clarity. I also enjoyed the Sencha, Fukamushi, and Kabusecha. They are all excellent quality and I recommend them highly.

Best matcha!

Im really picky about matcha so I'm really glad to have found this one! Delicious taste and i love that it is authentic

My favorite tea!

I love this tea, I drink it everyday mixed with other herbs I need at the moment. The quality and flavor is exceptional (something I always looks for). I always loved roasted brown rice in my tea and this is especially convenient because it's already mixed. I recommend this to my coworkers and friends everytime matcha or tea is brought up haha. I'm already subscribed because I never want to go with out it :)

Worth the price

I’ve been looking for a good matcha for a daily latte (sometimes two or three) and this has been a wonderful find. The price point is great for the amount that you get and the quality of the powder. I love a strong flavor so I use a bit more than recommended but one bag has lasted me awhile now. $25 and what feels like an unlimited amount of lattes has saved me so much money compared to the $6 single matcha drinks at cafes. I feel like I will subscribe to this when I make my next purchase because I can’t imagine going without it in the future.

This is how I prepare my drink everyday: I sift my powder, add honey, and blend it with hot water using a hand frother. Then I top it off with soy milk. I never experience any clumps and the flavor of the green tea is always smooth.

Loose kabusecha

Usually get my green tea from Dobra- sencha, kabusecha, kukicha, Gyokuro. This tea in just as good if not better. Highly recommended.


Amazing matcha
Amazing flavor and quality

Unbeatable smoothness

This is the most refined flavored matcha powder I've ever had to make my morning matcha. I splurged a little on it since I had a discount code from leaving a review on my previous purchase. Honestly the only thing negative I can say about this (and it might be user error) is that I have a hard time mixing this enough to remove all the clumps. I think because this matcha is SOOOOO fine and granular, it seems to clump more than any other product I've tried. It's still worth it for the unbeatable flavor.

Ochoa Organic Gyokuro

Ocha Organic Gyokuro is the best I’ve found. Flavor notes are sweet & grassy. I get 3 infusions making it an economical way to drink my favorite tea. I have been drinking organic Japanese Gyokuro for 8 years for its health benefits & flavor. Thank You Ochoa & Co. fort this outstanding Organic Gyokuro.


Great tasting Sencha!