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I really enjoy how rich this is. So pure.

The Best Matcha

After visiting Kyoto, I searched for a while to find quality matcha that I could enjoy at home. So different from what you can find in grocery stores. Slightly bitter and smooth. Mixes up well with milk or also enjoyable on its own.

Love it! Been drinking it for years now, and I’m not going anywhere.

Awesome tea

Wonderful and earthy aromas and tastes, beautiful neon-esque color. Superb product.

Give it a name

The tea is excellent both as a self drinker and traditionally with milk and sugar. I am puzzled by the lack of an identifier on the package. All the other teas I purchase from China, Columbia, USA, and Japanese growers put the name of the tea and sometimes the varietal on the package. Your package says quite generically "Japanese black tea". I intended to purchase Benefuuke black tea, it would be nice to have my selection confirmed on the labeling.

Sweet delicious matcha!

This matcha is so far my best tasting tea, like ceremonial matcha, sweet, bright color.

Delightful tea for everyday

This Hojicha loose leaf tea truly is a delightful, lightly sweet tea. I either brew for 2 minutes at a temperature of 180°F for a sweeter flavor or follow the instructions for a roasted warming cup, and I appreciate the complexity and variation I can bring ou with each new steep. It's a beautiful daily addition to my ritual of presence, and the highest quality tea I have tasted.

Loving Kabushesha!

This tea lingers on your tongue long after your last sip. It's grassy, herbal taste is a favorite of ours.


This sencha tea is the most flavorful I’ve ever tried. Impressed by the taste. I’ve subscribed to have it delivered to my home every four weeks.

This is my favorite matcha. I make a latte with it every morning. I tried the more expensive single origin matcha and couldn’t tell the difference. Doesn’t have the seaweed flavor some matcha has, very clean tasting.

Best Matcha ever

I’m a huge matcha fan. Honestly tried almost every matcha brand I could find in the US and this has been so far the best quality one. Tastes great for matcha latte, bakeries, and even just with water.


the tea arrived, but extremely hard packed... it is so packed and hard it is like a brick. Not even sure how I'm going to open them.


Hello Michael. The packet has been vacuum-sealed to keep the teas's freshness. As soon as you open it air rushes in and the package will look normal.

Love love love

My favorite company to get my matcha from, great quality and affordable!

I absolutely LOVE this matcha brand! I have been having it for a while now and will never have another brand!


I’ve been drinking matcha for years and this has got to be one of my favorites. If this is their “culinary” matcha their ceremonial grade must be outstanding!

Delicious tea

I absolutely love this tea. I would, however, like to know if there is testing done on heavy metal contamination and on the amount egcg per cup.

Long-time addict here. This is great stuff at a reasonable price.

Solid Fukamushi. Incredible bargain.

For the money you won't find a better Fukamushi. This is a quality product at a surprisingly good price. Heavily grassy, "warm" and round. A great way to be gyokuro-adjacent without breaking the bank. Will buy again and again.

It came in earlier than expected

Best Matcha powder I’ve tried

I use Ocha matcha powder to make matcha latte at home. The flavor is richer and much more delicious than any matcha latte I’ve had from a coffee shop. It’s worth every penny!

Kyoto Uji Matcha

Elegant flavor crafted with love.

Tasty! So much better than coffee shop

I was in search of matcha with quality flavor & superb mouth feel after experiencing a life changing matcha latte in an unexpected boba shop in Sedona. The owner gave me details on the best origins & emphasized the Kyoto region.
This matcha was true to taste profile described, bitterness was very low, much different than what I had experienced at most coffee shops. I am enjoying it straight as well, no milk needed. Although I didn’t have the right tools to start, the flavor was welcoming and I’m now hooked. Biggest suggestion for newbies- if nothing else, get a proper sifter/sieve for best mouth feel! It made all the difference before getting a proper chasen (whisk).

Organic Matcha

Perfect for matcha lattes!

Amazing Tea

Double steamed tea leaves, high quality, delicious. Will buy again. Go for it you will love it.

Organic Japanese Cold Brew Green Tea
Very tasty!

Love this tea! The taste is wonderful!