Matcha Crepe Cake

Spectacular layered matcha crepe cake

Create a show-stopping dessert with this matcha crepe cake. A recipe which brings together the classic french pancake with a Japanese twist.

Layer after layer of light as a feather crepes subtly flavoured with Ocha & Co matcha green tea (the premium matcha for baking with) sandwiched together with whipped cream and dusted with vibrant green matcha powder. 

This is a fantastic recipe for a celebration cake with a difference. It looks amazing as a centrepiece and even more amazing when cut into to reveal perfect jade green and cream layers. A real work of art. 

Like all great art, though -  we ought to warn you in advance  - creating this matcha crepe cake spectacular will take time and quite some patience but do it with love and the result is worth every minute.

We’d love to hear about your own Marvellous Matcha recipes! Send them to us with photos and we’ll publish them on our blog and our Ocha and Co instagram account. As a thank you, we’ll send you a voucher for 10% off your next purchase from Ocha & Co.

Matcha crepe cake ingredients

For The Pancakes

4 large eggs

675 ml milk

75 g butter, melted

260 g flour

75 g caster sugar

2 tbsp matcha

For The Filling

600 ml whipping cream

35 g icing sugar

matcha crepe cake - ingredients

Matcha crepe cake method

-Beat together eggs, milk, and melted butter (cool slightly and add in slowly).

-Into a large bowl sift in flour and matcha, adding in sugar.

-Whisk the wet ingredients into the dry mixture until smooth. Pour the batter through a fine mesh sieve to remove any residual lumps. This step is important to ensure thin and fine texture crepes.

-Let the batter rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 mins. Don’t be tempted to miss this step as it gives the gluten time to relax ensuring tender crepes.

-Heat a 12” crepe pan or non-stick fry pan over medium-low heat to make ONE Pancake of this size. Coat the pan lightly with melted butter and drop in a small ladle of batter immediately swirling to form a round thin crepe.

-Once set, carefully flip and cook for 1 more minute.

This larger crepe will be your base during assembly and when the finished cake is inverted, will give the characteristic rounded shape to the top.

-Repeat the crepe-making process in a 10” pan until you have used all your batter (about 15 crepes.) Make sure you stir the batter between each pancake to avoid the last few becoming dense and tough.

-Stack each crepe between parchment paper and allow to cool

There’s a lovely expression in France coined for the very last Crepe you make from the batter. Invariably there won’t be enough of the liquid left, so the resulting pancake will be small and a little raggedy - La crêpe du chat literally the pancake that’s good only for the cat. 

Preparing the filling

-Chill bowl and beaters approximately 30 mins before beating to ensure optimum whipping.

-Beat cream until soft peaks appear adding in sugar and vanilla and continue beating until a firmer whip appears. Do not over beat as the cream will separate. It is a good idea to whisk with a balloon whisk once you feel the cream starts to thicken to avoid over-beating.

Assembling the matcha crepe cake

-Place the larger crepe on a plate lined with cling wrap.

-spread with whipped cream leaving an inch-wide border around the edge

-Place one of the 10-inch crepes on top of the cream and repeat until all crepes are used.

  • wrap with the cling wrap so that the bottom crepe curves up around the smaller ones.
  • Chill for at least an hour.
  • Open out the cling wrap and invert the crepe cake onto a serving plate.
  • Dust with matcha powder ( or more whipped cream than the matcha powder)
  • Cut…and enjoy your matcha crepe cake!
matcha crepe cake layers


Strawberries work well mixed into the cream or sliced and layered between the crepes.

Melted white chocolate can be used instead of icing sugar for your matcha crepe cake if preferred.