Tarmo's Matcha Tonic

Is it HOT enough for you?

Summer’s only just begun and already it’s breaking records for heat worldwide. No exceptions for Japan - in Hokkaido, where Ocha and Co are based, we’ve been sweltering in unprecedented temps of 39.5 deg C!

Thankfully we’ve discovered a sure-fire way of keeping cool and staying hydrated - an amazing Matcha Tonic that we can’t get enough of.  

It’s the invention of our Ocha & Co friend and customer Tarmo Kaljuvee, the owner of the Surf Cafe in Estonia, and it's been a summer mainstay of the Surf Cafe menu since 2017. 

For the benefit of all mankind, starting with us, Tarmo has agreed to share his secret matcha tonic recipe. 

Why not give it a try - and if your camera hasn’t melted, take a photo for us to share with our Ocha & Co family...

matcha tonic recipe

Tarmo's matcha Tonic

Add ice to the brim of a  tall class

Pour 200ml of good-quality tonic water over the ice

Add the juice of half of lime

Add 20-30ml of 100% mango puree


Whisk up a small bowl of matcha (2g of matcha + 50ml 80C water) 

Add the matcha to the cocktail 


And here you are - one matcha tonic

Enjoy a few minutes of respite from the heat. 


Stay cool everybody, keep hydrated, wear a hat, and don’t forget the sunblock!

Love O&C

matcha tonic recipe