Matcha Sponge Cake

Matcha sponge cake

Who doesn’t love a big wedge of light-as-a-feather matcha sponge cake with a cup of tea or coffee? 

This tea time standard has been around since the Renaissance although, as a non-yeasted cake it was characteristically thin and biscuit-like. That was until the mid-1800s when British chemist and baking entrepreneur Alfred Bird invented baking powder, the miracle kitchen-cupboard staple that allowed the sponge to rise without yeast. 

Enter the sponge we know and love today. 

Deliciously soft and light, this matcha sponge cake recipe, enhanced with Ocha & co matcha (the premium matcha powder for baking with), offers a unique and exquisite twist on the everyday day ‘have with a cup of tea cake'. 

As with the basic sponge, it can be transformed into a special occasion cake quite easily. Whether that be a lovingly created ganache made from the highest quality chocolate, or simply a dollop of shop-bought frosting, or a restrained hint of strawberry jam, this cake will be a winner.

If you’re still not convinced, the fact that this matcha sponge cake recipe has few ingredients and can be mixed up in a few minutes should get you reaching for the wooden spoon. Better still, make it a weekend or school holiday project and rope in the kids to help out; after all, there’s an in-built reward at the end.

We’d love to hear about your own Marvellous Matcha recipes! Send them to us with photos and we’ll publish them on our blog and our Ocha and Co Instagram account. As a thank-you, we’ll send you a voucher for 10% off your next purchase from Ocha & Co.

Matcha sponge cake ingredients

3 eggs, room temperature, and separated

120 g caster sugar

100 g flour, preferably cake flour

12 g Ocha & Co matcha

50 ml whole milk

matcha sponge cake ingredients

Matcha sponge cake preparation

1-Preheat oven to 170/350F

2-Grease an 18cm (6 or 7 in) round pan and line it with parchment paper.

3-Sift together flour and matcha and set aside.

4-In a small glass bowl or measuring cup melt butter with milk in the microwave and whisk, then set aside.

5-In a clean and dry bowl beat egg whites on low and increase speed until soft peaks form. At this point, slowly add in sugar in a slow stream continuously beating. Continue beating until stiff glossy peaks have formed.

6-Add the egg yolks and beat until combined. Scatter in the flour and matcha mixture and gently fold to combine well.

7-Next add 1/3 of the butter & milk mixture and fold in. Continue with the remainder, 1/3 at a time, and fold after each addition. Do not be tempted to drop this all in at once; patience here and gentle folding will maintain the integrity of your sponge.

8-Pour into the prepared tin and drop the tin from about 20 cm height to get rid of any large bubbles in the batter.

Matcha sponge cake baking

Bake the matcha sponge cake mixture for 30 minutes or until the tester comes out clean. Upon removal carefully flip to remove the parchment from the bottom and place the right side up on the cooling rack.

sponge matcha cake