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Customer Reviews

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Eric Yildirim
Great Tea

I much like Ocha’s teas and timely and friendly customer service. Highly recommended!

craig mckenna
Finest Green Tea in Japan

I am so happy to discover Ocha green tea. I have been drinking green tea for almost 20 years since 2002. Matcha and Gyokoro. From one company Maeda-en. I am so happy to find Ocha. Much higher quality & taste, more reasonable prices plus organic. I am sticking with Ocha. Thank you for making the finest green tea in Japan. Craig

This is the matcha we’ve all been looking for

As soon as you open the bag a wave of fresh tea aroma fills the air. Inside you'll find vibrant green matcha powder—from healthy tea leaves loaded with chlorophyll and antioxidants. Once brewed, you get a lovely full-bodied, balanced, and satisfying cup of tea. Ocha & Co matcha is the real deal.

Kuo-Shian Kao
Great value

Tried their Kyoto Uji Matcha and this one and found this one to have better value.
Attached is a pic of the two. Koyto Uji Matcha (on the left) looked just a little greener and brighter and it tasted better to me, but this one is more budget friendly.

Excellent tea!

This is authentic, high quality Japanese tea. As a regular green tea drinker, I have tried many different types of green tea. The flavor is superb and customer service is great.