Japanese Green Tea Delivered to you Door

Direct from Japan... Now shipped in the USA... To Your Doorstep

Drink the same healthy green tea and matcha Japanese people enjoy every day.

Welcome to Ocha & Co!

Traditional Japanese green, black and matcha teas ...

...organically cultivated in some of Japan's highest tea plantations located in the Southern Alps of Shizuoka.

This mountainous region is blessed with abundant water, mineral-rich soil, hot days and cool morning and evenings.

The most perfect environment in Japan for organic tea cultivation...

Our tea growers work in perfect harmony with local processors who blend and pack the teas in modern state-of-the-art facilities. A community effort in true Japanese tradition...

High quality... Reasonably Priced.... Consistently Good Teas - cultivated with passion and dedication by farmers who were the pioneers of organic tea agriculture in Japan.

The leaf teas are vacuum-sealed to remove oxygen and seal in the freshness. No other tea company does this.

Fast delivery... Small batches are shipped weekly - meaning your order can be with you within just a couple of weeks of processing.

Shop now to find a Japanese Green or Black tea just for you. Can’t choose just one? Many of our customers enjoy a variety of our teas for different tastes, moods or occasions.



"My mother is from Tokyo, Japan and she’s 93 and she says this genmai matcha is amazing...best ever and she’s had a lot of tea in her lifetime."