Matcha Pudding

Matcha Pudding

These matcha puddings are bountiful little bowls of creamy (yet green) temptresses of the tongue that taste AMAZING - as if made from a top-secret recipe perfected over years of R&D in a high-security restaurant kitchen, the recipe kept under lock and key in a Godzilla guarded vault somewhere deep under Tokyo. Yes - that good. 

In fact, Rachel’s wonderful Matcha pudding, complete with a cheeky and tantalizing little wobble every time you dip your spoon in - is incredibly quick and easy to make; it’s up to you if you want to keep the pretense going for your guests  - currently silenced in the throes of matcha pudding ecstasy they’ll believe anything! Either way, these little hits of heaven are the perfect accompaniment to a mid-morning Matcha latte... 

Matcha Pudding Ingredients

Makes about 3 small matcha pudding ramekins   


5 g gelatin powder

2 tbsp hot water

285 g milk of choice 

50 g sugar (may adjust if using alternative milk that is already sweetened)

7 g matcha 

matcha pudding


Matcha Pudding Directions

Use a small bowl to dissolve gelatin powder with water. 

In a small pan, heat milk and sugar on medium-low heat. Sift in the matcha powder and mix constantly until the milk almost comes to a boil. 

Turn off the heat and whisk in the gelatin mixture. 

Pour the mixture into cups and refrigerate for 2 hours or until solidified. 

Voila - your matcha pudding is ready!