Ocha & Co. Organic Japanese Black Tea


Japan is famous for its green tea but there is also a small production of black tea too, virtually unheard of in the west. We supply a limited amount of a black tea made from a Yakubita cultivar, the tea comes from the same production of our organic green teas. It's black but totally different from the black teas that you are most probably used to. Hand picked young leaves. Fragrant, mild with zero bitterness. incredibly smooth.

  • 100g
  • ECOCERT Organic Certification
  • 100% Yakubita cultivar
  • Loose Leaf Blend
  • Blended for us by the winner of the 46th Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Tea Competition (2016) the most prestigious tea competition in Japan
  • Small batches made each month to ensure long shelf-life



Customer Reviews

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Most fragrant and tasty black tea in the world

I come from a country, where black tea is a very important tradition - Ukraine. We drink tea very often and I drank tea since I was 5, I think. After I developed a taste for good foods I started my search for perfect black tea. I tried different European (some English tea was OK, but most of it is terrible), then directly Ceylon, then Chinese, Turkish, then Arabic blends, setteling on the latter for the past couple of years, until I found this Japanese tea. It is just perfect (if you brew it correctly). Strong, flavourful, aromatic. I tried other Japanese black teas, but they were not as good as this one. And now it's hard to come back to Arabic teas, when I forgot to order next batch!
But I would point out two issues with this tea. First - it's damn expensive! I'm literally brewing every teapot twice, because with my family's rate of consumption - I'd be broke now otherwise :D
Second - it doesn't pair with lemon too well. In fact it's the tea to drink on it's own - so fragrant it is. I guess it's an enormous plus, but I like my tea with lemon (ukrainian tradition, you know), but I had to stop doing that. With milk it should be fine, but I don't drink tea with milk very often.

Refreshing and tasty with good aroma

Refreshing and tasty with good aroma. It goes really well with my lunch.


Extremely good quality for the price. I have a Japanese black double the price of this one and this one is way better! Super sweet aftertaste, literally tastes like it has a bit of stevia in it lol

... ready to dislike...

I bought this tea some days ago and have put off tasting it for many of those days... so here I am, drinking my 1st cup and writing this note.... i like the Japanese greens very, very much and was ready to be disappointed with the black especially since I like both the Chinese and India teas so much. Well, one sip is all it took... great aroma, smooth, smooth, smooth in a beautiful reddish liquor. Lots of flavor with a base I like but can’t identify. I recommend it not because it’s better or worse than others i’ve had but because it’s different enough to make it interesting and , it’s tasty, besides... 2nd infusion as good as the first... i’ve been won over....

I’ve included a portrait of my new friend below..

Thank you...

PS: great service, quick delivery.

Excellent tea!

I am not normally a fan of black tea -- I drink almost exclusively green -- so I was unsure what to expect, but I took a chance on this, and I am glad that I did. It has a much more "mild" flavour than most black teas. Unlike most black teas, it can really be enjoyed on its own; there is definitely no need for sugar or milk/cream here!
I would also mention that the shipping is EXTREMELY fast -- as someone who frequently orders teas from Japan, I am used to waiting 6-9 weeks for my product to arrive, but this tea was at my door within a week -- AND vacuum-sealed! You can't beat that! ;)