Japanese Nara Takayama Bamboo Matcha Scoop


  • Authentic Japanese Bamboo Matcha Scoop
  • Made in Nara Takayama
  • Cold snowy winters in the region produce the best quality bamboo in Japan
  • Naturally dried and cured bamboo
  • Non-Chemically-Bleached Bamboo
  • Made by 3rd generation master craftsman Tanimura Yasaburo

You can tell the difference!

Handcrafted Japanese Nara Takayama Chashaku using locally sourced bamboo, made for Ocha & Co. by 3rd generation master craftsman Tanimura Yasaburo. These bamboo matcha scoops are made with the same quality Kyoto bamboo as his signed chashaku but at a fraction of the cost. The bamboo from the region is regarded as the best quality in Japan due to the cold snowy winters found in the region. The bamboo is cut in early winter and left to dry naturally before being ready to use. Naturally dried and cured bamboo still has the original colour of the bamboo while lower quality scoops invariably has been chemically bleached to speed up ther process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
A nice finishing touch to my tea

This chashaku makes measuring my matchas so much more accurate. I am glad I decided to purchase this, it makes my matcha preparation so much easier

Good purchase

This scoop makes gettong ppqder feom the corners easy. And it is theperfect amount each time.

great and affordable scoop!

Gone are the days of using a bamboo spoon to get my matcha! This baby has a wonderful feel to it and craftsmanship. Worth every penny and makes me wonder how the scoop on this site is ;)
Pictured also is their Kyoto Uji Matcha (which I can't live without having every morning!)

Love and Light to you all on your matcha journey and THANK YOU OCHAANDCO! <3

Pretty decent item

I like the length and how it grabs matcha. Used 5 times after I received. Use water to rince but it doesn’t leave match stain. Pretty good stuff. I am not sure how long this kind of stick last for but I am hoping to use for long time. It is delivering from Japan so it takes little while to CA.

Skinny spoon.

Had no idea the spoon would be tiny, but its length is perfect for reaching into the matcha bag. Now I just need to practice on how much I can scoop out, which surprisingly is a lot with this little thing.