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Joyce Dabuet
Matcha latté FOR LIFE!!!!

Bar none! Ocha & Co. Matcha Green Tea is incredibly delicious and the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve tried a number of different companies)! I make my matcha green tea plain, sometimes I make a latté with almond milk and when I’m feeling fancy, sometimes, I’ll put a dollop of almond milk whipped cream. Any way I make it, it’s always a pleasing way to start my morning. I stopped drinking coffee and replaced it with my matcha and simply love it!

Katerina Li
Perfect mornings!

Thanks to Ocha & Co, i finally found the right taste for my morning matcha latte!
It is a high quality ceremonial grade tea for affordable price! Great find!

Delicious matcha tea!

I love this matcha and how it’s so affordable for the amount you receive. Upon opening, it smells very rich and sweet, almost fruity in a way. I prepared it using the traditional method with a bowl and whisk and it tastes just as wonderful as it smells. The texture is a nice balance between smooth and powdery. I would definitely recommend this company for first time matcha drinkers.


I love this matcha. Smooth flavor and amazing for the body. I have some every morning and it gets my energy balanced

New to matcha but this tastes great!

I’m fairly new to the matcha world after switching from coffee. I chose this specific matcha based off reviews and I think it tastes great/high quality. I use it in lattes primarily. I get a nice dose of alertness and focus without any jitters commonly seen with coffee.