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Beautiful flavor

A beautiful genmai matcha. Also really loved the delicacy of the organic kukicha.

Fresh, Smokey, Alive, Flavorful

I asked my friend Yumiko if she would recommend an excellent brown rice green tea (genmai cha). She recommended Ocha & Co, so I tried it. Although it was pricier than other gen mai cha that is available in the U.S., it is absolutely, beyond a shadow of doubt worth every penny you will spend on it. When I brewed my first cup, the first delight was irridescent green color of this tea. Then the potent aroma was so gratifying when I took a wiff. The taste is fresh, green, smokey, alive, and delicious. I have been a lover of green tea for the past 40 years sinceI lived in Japan in 1979 and 1980, and this is the best genmai cha I have ever tasted. I was anxious to have my family members try this since they drink green tea for its health benefits but none of them really love it that much. So the other night when I made up a cup for each of them (following the guidlines from Ocha & Co to a tea), they all said "This is excellent, where can I get some of this tea?". I am going to make it easy for them and give it to them all as gifts.

Delicious tea

This tea is my favorite. I steep the leaves snd drink two cups and then steep them again and drink two more. It's dekicious snd so healthy for you!

Delicious Genmaicha

Very fragrant and sweet smelling. The addition of the matcha powder makes the first steep vibrant green and particularly savory, with initial light vegetable broth flavor quickly going sweet with plenty of toasted rice cerealness overlaid. Second longer steep still has the toasted rice aroma but the flavor is more like roasted sencha. Still messing with brew parameters but got a third steep, things only beginning to become more muted. Overall delicious

Old Japanese Lady & Genmai Matcha

My mother is from Tokyo, Japan and she’s 93 and she says this genmai matcha is ever and she’s had a lot of tea in her lifetime. So, give it a try!