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Customer Reviews

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Scott Olsen
Awesome Gyokuro!

This is the best of the Gyokuro teas I’ve had lately. I’ve had a few others that were decent. But this one is the best. The leaves come intact with a nice consistency…..and the flavor is excellent. Highly recommend!

Jesse Cotari
Great for traveling

The key thing to know about this tea is that you'll be brewing it at 50-60 C, or about 120-140 F. While that's definitely too hot for a bath, it's just at the very bottom end of what feels like good tea temperature. I found 50 C was too low, but if I heated the water just a bit to 60 C, it was actually pretty good.
The one nice thing about that low temp, however, is that you can get 50 C water out of a tap pretty much anywhere. So I took this tea with me when I traveled so I didn't also have to bring a thermometer. That said, I probably won't buy it again, and would probably just get a pocket thermometer so I can get the water for my fukamushicha or kukicha at just the right temperature.

Mentally Stimulating

I sought this product because it is known to have high L-theanine, which I have been told helps with brain fog post pardum. I drink this tea medicinally to help keep my brain functioning at a higher level while breastfeeding. It tastes nice too.

Donna Norbury
Organic Gyokuro

I have order alot of Organic Gyokuro from different companies through out the years I do have to say this tea has been my favorite , the way it is package keeps it so fresh I love it, smells very good and taste is excellent fast shipping and Ocha & Co. stay in contact I have to say at first I was nervous to order that far away but Ocha&Co. stayed in contact all the way and sending tracking number made me felt good I am very happy customer! Thank you for selling great tea and being honest.

Ellen Homsey
lovely tea

Mild, flavorful tea--as a green tea drinker, I enjoyed this tea very much and look forward to breakfast, when I drink three or four cups of it every day.