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Fav tea now (this season/year)

I’ve drank Japanese green tea daily, for almost 30y now, this is my favorite this year; and it’s

Fukamushicha Green Tea

This Fukamushicha green tea has a delicious rich flavor and a deep green color. It tastes a bit better than the sencha organic which I usually get. Highly recommended!

Worth the buy

Absolutely love the taste. I drink this every morning and head to the gym after. I can’t recommend this enough. The quality and color of the tea is beyond! I’ve told all my friends about this tea like it’s my job.

Great taste and health benefits

I purchased this in addition to the shade grown gyokuro for the increased catechin content. I have no way of analyzing the catechin content but I can tell you this tea delivers on flavor, and I'm sure the health benefits are there as well. There is an earthy flavor and pleasant aroma associated with this tea, very mild on the first steep. It can become slightly bitter in the second infusion, but still very enjoyable. I like to use a little more leaf and brew for slightly longer, up to 1 minute the first time for a more robust cup. The color is also beautiful in the cup, much like the pictures show.

The customer service at Ocha & Co. is always top notch as well. I always get a message asking if I was pleased with the product a few days after receipt. Truly a rarity these days.

I thought I liked tea!

Wow, what a difference! Breaking the vacuum seal was the beginning of a whole new tea experience! The fresh fragrance rushed out to meet me, and I immediately knew that I was in for a treat! I wasn’t disappointed- the clean, mellow flavour combined with an earthy, grassy aroma made this an absolute taste treat. I look forward to this clean refreshing flavour every morning - I think it’s made me a tea snob!