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Michael Fuchs
wonderful tea

Ocha & Co.'s organic fukamushi sencha is one of the finest tea's I have ever had. Fresh, organic, traditional Japanese style green tea with a delicate but full flavor. For lovers of the fukamushi style of sencha green tea or green tea lovers in general. OK, time for another cup!

Elisa Ten
Awesome Tea

Has great authentic flavor, you can tell the care that is put into the product and packaging. Very happy with my purchase, and will be purchasing more in the future.

Jana Hava
Lovely tea

I have been drinking grean tea for two decades. Fukamushicha is the most delicious I have ever tried.
You have a new customer.

Craig Anderson
Knew it was going to be good...

...after the first whiff on opening the packet. Has that familiar, comforting aroma that I can only describe as 'toasted'. Has become my morning go-to cup!

Jan Mirejovsky
Impressed with Ocha & Co. and it’s Deep-Steamed Fukamushicha

My wife and I made the switch from black tea to Sencha three decades ago and never looked back. After celebrating my 80th birthday in good shape and I believe that drinking green tea religiously every morning my have something to do with it. I love Fukamushicha Deep-Steamed Sencha by Ocha & Co. for its taste and vivid green color. Ocha & Co. is a superior company. Reliable and friendly. So far, the subscription to Fukamushicha has worked like a clockwork. Once, when I made an error ordering, it was quickly fixed in the most helpful manner.

Jan Mirejovsky, Irvine, CA