Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea December 24, 2016 18:30

Genmaicha green tea is a commonly drunk beverage in Japan. Also known as roasted rice tea, genmaicha is a soothing, mild drink with digestive benefits. The genmaicha is green tea with added roasted rice kernels. The roasted rice kernels are added while the tea is being dried. Sometimes the rice kernels burst and pop, giving genmaicha the nickname of popcorn tea. Originally a peasant’s drink, due to its low price, genmaicha is now popular in tea drinking circles for its nutty, roasted flavor. Genmaicha tea is drunk during or after mealtime. It can be called a brain booster, and has been claimed to improve intelligence. Due to the particular method used to brew genmaicha, and the contents of the tea, genmaicha contains less caffeine than other teas, and is a perfect match for those who are less tolerant of caffeine. Genmaicha has a natural grassy taste, along with the nutty aroma. This tea has a naturally bright yellow hue when brewed, unless it is a matcha iri genmaicha, in which case it will have a more greenish color. Genmaicha is the perfect everyday tea for tea drinkers to enjoy with meals for its sensory and health benefits.

In our Genmai Matcha green tea rather than low grade Sencha we use the same young first-flush leaves found in our organic Sencha along with a high quality organic Matcha making it a premium tea to savour.